SendGrid Vs MailChimp: Make the Best Choice

SendGrid Vs MailChimp: Make the Best Choice

Email marketing is a great marketing strategy used by most companies and organizations to create awareness for certain products, acquire and retain users. Businesses make use of email marketing to reach thousands if not millions of audience at a time.

Because of the rising need for email marketing, there are now many online platforms that offer this service. However, in this article, we want to compare two of these online platforms – SendGrid and MailChimp. After comparing these two platforms, we will recommend which one seems like the best choice for you.

About SendGrid

SendGrid Vs MailChimp

Sendgrid is an online cloud-based email marketing platform with its base located in Denver, Colorado. The product lets business owners and digital marketers (basically, anyone) to send email without needing to have any email servers, they also offer marketing email services.

They are also known as Twilio Sengrid. It was founded by three individuals in 2009; Tim Jenkins, Jose Lopez, and Isaac Saldana.

About Mailchimp   

SendGrid Vs MailChimp

Mailchimp is an online cloud-based platform that started in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, and Dan Kurzius, although Dan joined later after it was created.

They offer email marketing services and marketing automation. Mailchimp is a trademark of the operator which is Rocket science group. The platform has grown ever since it was created and was ranked number seven on the Forbes list in 2016. They have gained popularity as well as a considerable amount of goodwill from clients. 

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SendGrid Vs MailChimp 

Features and Benefits

Sendgrid is popular because of its incredible features and products, let’s first talk about its features. Using Sendgrid, here are some of the features, you’ll enjoy;

  • Email automation
  • Signup forms
  • SMTP service
  • Dynamic and powerful templates
  • Sharp email validation
  • Email Testing availability
  • Superb and fast deliverability
  • Monitored Reputation

For Mailchimp. they have been in existence for a long time and are much more popular than Sendgrid, they also have amazing features, some of them are listed below;

  • Many user accounts are available
  • Social sharing
  • Email designers, templates, and formats
  • Mailchimp editor
  • Custom forms
  • Subscriber has profiles


The pricing policy of Sendgrid is a little on the high side although there’s a free trial, using SendGrid, you’ll be given a free trial for one month.

Here’s their pricing policy below:

  • Essentials 40k: This sends 1 – 40,000 emails anywhere every month and it costs $14.95
  • Essentials 100k: This sends 40,000 – 100,000 emails anywhere every month and it costs $29.95

Some of the other Pricing plans include; Pro 100k ($79.95), Pro 300k, ($199.95) Pro 700k ($399.95), and Pro 1.5M ($699.95) all these plans give you several emails per month.

A significant difference between Mailchimp and Sendgrid is that Mailchimp as a free plan for beginners to make use of and see how Mailchimp works, with the free plan, users can send 10,000 emails per months, with 2000 daily limit.

Here’s the pricing plan for Mailchimp (All Mailchimp package have unlimited emails).

  • 1001-1500 subscribers would pay $20 every month
  • 1501-2000 subscribers would pay $25 every month
  • 2001-2500 subscribers would pay $30 every month
  • Pro members pay up to $200.

Note: MailChimp has a price calculator that can be used to determine what your monthly payment will be. And this is based on the number of subscribers you have.


Generally, the user experience on MailChimp is much better than SendGrid. As a beginner or non-expert, you can easily figure out your way on MailChimp than you would on SendGrid. However, if you’re an expert, using and navigating SendGrid shouldn’t be a problem at all.

SendGrid Vs MarlChimp: What’s the Verdict?

In this SendGrid Vs MailChimp battle, we do recommend Mailchimp because of its goodwill, free plans, and unlimited emails for every package. And if you’re a beginner. However, Sendgrid is also good for fast delivery. 

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