Shein Alternatives You Should Try as a Nigerian

Shein Alternatives You Should Try as a Nigerian

Shein is a very popular brand that many of us, including influencers, turn to for affordable and trendy clothing and accessories.

However, Shein does not currently ship to Nigeria. Sure, some Nigerian e-commerce companies are working to help Nigerians shop from international stores and have them delivered by acting as a middleman, but it is still ridiculously expensive for the majority of people.

With the exchange rate so high, it’s difficult to find items priced in other currencies at a reasonable price. The best alternative to Shein for affordable and trendy clothing is to buy clothing that’s priced in naira.

The Shein alternatives in this post are clothing stores that not only deliver to Nigeria but also have stores in Nigeria, making their clothing affordable to everyone. Now, let’s take a deep dive into these Nigerian Shein alternatives.

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Top 7 Shein Alternatives You Should Try

1. Defacto

Defacto is a Turkish clothing and accessory brand that sells clothing and accessories for children, men, and women. The brand debuted in Turkey in 2005 and has since grown to become a global fashion brand with over 100 stores outside of the country.

One of the reasons Defacto customers adore the brand is its high-quality clothing, Shein doesn’t even have a high rating in this category. Defacto clothing is typically high-quality and at affordable prices. 

The Nigerian Defacto store is on Jumia and all of their products are Jumia Express, which means they qualify for free shipping to Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja.

Their Nigerian store has three main clothing categories:


Their activewear collection includes athletic wear, casual outing clothing, swimwear, leggings, sports bras, athlete shirts, and others.


Their fashion category includes casual wear, accessories, shoes, blazers, handbags, wallets, dresses, jackets, jeans, cardigans, shirts, and even underwear.

Baby Products

Defacto also has a kids’ collection for both boys and girls, which includes everything from casual wear to clothing sets, shoes, and more.

The main catch with Defacto is that the majority of its clothing falls under casual, office clothing, and sportswear. While there are jeans, pants, suits, and nice T-shirts, your chances of finding fancy clothes like dinner dresses are slim.

2. Trendyol

Trendyol is a men’s clothing store, and Trendyolmilla is a women’s clothing store. It’s a Turkish fashion brand with an official Jumia store, similar to Defacto.

The Trendyolmilla brand has positive reviews for being true to size and producing high-quality clothing. The Trendyolmilla store offers a wide range of clothing categories, including activewear, fashion, lingerie, and dresses. 

Here’s  a breakdown of the categories:


You can get trendy sports and fitness clothing including leggings, swimsuits, sports bras, and more. Trendyolmilla sportswear has glowing reviews, so you’re buying from a reputable retailer.


The Trendyolmilla women’s fashion category includes a wide variety of clothing, including jumpsuits, dinner dresses, casual dresses, jeans, pants, kimonos, capes, skirts, and more.

While Trendyolmilla does sales and gives discounts regularly, their clothing is slightly more expensive than Defacto.


If anything, Trendyolmilla has a really lovely and stylish collection of casuals. Trendyolmilla also has casual clothing like shorts, Tops, Tees, and camisoles.

The Trendyol store, the men’s clothing has similar categories to the women’s store, Trendyolmilla. It has sportswear like sweatpants and swimming shorts.

It also has smart casual wear such as joggers, pants, shirts, and jeans.

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3. Ecrou

Unlike Trendyol and Defacto, Ecrou is a women’s fashion and beauty store, it doesn’t have men’s or children’s fashion. It’s also a Turkish brand that produces high-quality clothing.

The price range is slightly higher than that of Defacto and close to Trendyol. It also has various clothing collections like Activewear, Basics, Homewear, and Formal.


Ecrou’s activewear collection consists of sports leggings, sweatpants, bras, and camisoles.


The basics collections are tops, tank tops, shorts, skorts, skirts, joggers, polo T-shirts, and jeans. There’s also a sleep and lounge collection that includes lingerie, pajamas, nightdress, and more.


Ecrou also has formal T-shirts, dresses, and pants in its collection. However, Ecrou’s formal collection isn’t as large as Trendyol’s, Trendyol has a larger collection of formal clothing than Ecrou.

4. Modanisa

Modanisa is a major Turkish modest fashion retailer. The store sells affordable modest clothing from various brands and has locations in over 140 countries.

The Modanisa offers stylish and modest clothing ranging from formal clothing such as blazers, pants, suits, and more to more casual clothing such as cardigans, jackets, tunics, and other items. You can also get modest activewear such as swimsuits and tracksuits.

Unlike most Shein alternatives, Modanisa is an excellent alternative to Shein if you’re looking for a modest clothing brand.

Modanisa has a large collection of fancy clothing like dinner and evening dresses. Its official store is on Jumia, but there are other Jumia retailers selling Modanisa clothing, so make sure you see the official store designation before going ahead with the purchase. 

This is not to imply that other stores besides the official store do not sell genuine Modanisa clothing, but there is no way to verify. So, before proceeding with the purchase, check the seller’s score to ensure that previous customers had a positive experience.

Also, unlike Trendyol, Ecrou, and Defacto, the majority of  Modanisa’s clothing aren’t eligible for free shipping.

5. Aomei

The Aomei store is a women’s clothing brand consisting of both formal and party dresses. For example, you can get formal blouses, gowns, and even skirts.

Aomei doesn’t have casual clothing, but it has an excellent seller score, high-quality clothing according to customer reviews and all its clothing is eligible for free shipping.

6. Danami

Danami is a Nigerian clothing brand that sells casual wear such as hoodies, customized shirts, sweatshirts, and pants for men and women. It’s also a couple of dresses but they are casual dresses. 

Danami has a seller score of 94% and the majority of the store’s reviews are positive, so you’re in good hands. Similarly to Modanisa, only a small fraction of Danami’s clothing is eligible for free shipping.

Unlike other stores, Danami is one of the top Shein alternatives for people that love customized clothing.

7. Vejaro

With its official Jumia store, the Vejaro store sells both men’s and women’s clothing and has several clothing categories. Also, the majority of its clothing is reasonably priced and is eligible for free shipping.

It has a large selection of women’s lingerie, pajamas, and loungewear. Vejaro also has women’s formal clothing, such as office dresses.

The men’s collection consists primarily of casual shirts, shorts, boxer briefs, and combos. However, Vejaro’s seller score is slightly above average, indicating that only a little over half of its customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Bottom Line

As a Nigerian, you have access to several Shein alternative fashion brands for trendy and affordable clothing and accessories. You also don’t need to pay outrageous shipping fees when shopping from these brands.

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