Shein vs Everlane

Shein vs Everlane – Where To Shop?

Shein and Everlane are two internationally recognized fashion retailers. Both are fast-growing e-commerce platforms used worldwide. They offer incredible deals on a vast range of products. Despite that, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which of these platforms to purchase from.

In light of this, we’ll compare Shein and Everlane based on several parameters. Ensure you read to the end.

About Shein vs Everlane

Shein is a very popular fashion marketplace that was established in Naijing China, by a Chinese entrepreneur – Chris Xu in 2008. It was formerly known as ZZKKO before its name was changed to Shein. As of 2022, it was the world’s largest fashion market and it keeps expanding to date. Its success has been attributed to its surge of purchases by Gen Z customers. Shein is currently headquartered in Singapore.

Shein items

Everlane, on the other hand, was founded in 2010 by Micheal Preysman and Jesse Farmer.  It is a popular American clothing marketplace that is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. It was created to sell clothes at a transparent price. Also, Everlane has several physical stores within the USA and Canada.

Everlane item categories

Which Is Better Between Shein and Everlane?

Product Categories 

The product categories available on Shein include men, women, and children’s clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and other fashion commodities.

Similarly, Everlane also offers the sales of apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages.


Pricing and discounts are two important factors to bear in mind when shopping online as they can make or mar your planned budget. Shein vendors ffer inexpensive prfores of their wide range of products to their customers. Its pricing system was designed to meet the low-price and high-quality demands of its customers. 

While Everlane vendors charge exorbitant prices for their products. Hence their prices vary greatly.

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Products Quality 

Note that both Shein and Everlane prioritize quality, but the price discrepancies of each online retailer vary.

Shipping and Returns

Standard shipping at Shein takes only 2 days at a charge of 3.99 USD. Shipping is free when you make orders above 29 USD. Express Shipping usually takes place within 29 days at a charge of 12 USD. For Express Shipping of orders above 129 USD, there is no charge at all.

On Shein, all items are returnable except customized items, body suits, underwear, lingerie, accessories, cosmetics, pet products, and gifts. All items are returnable to Shein within 35 days of purchase. The return shipping is free for the first return and for subsequent returns of the same order, you will be charged 7.99 USD.

Everlane has the following shipping options on its website:

  • No Rush – It cost 4.95 USD and delivers within 5 to 8 working days. This shipping option is not available for US Territories. No rush shipping is free for orders above 100 USD
  • Standard Shipping – It cost 6.95 USD and delivers within 3 to 5 working days
  • Express Shipping – It cost 19.95 USD and delivery takes place within 2 to 3 working days.

Everlane offers its customers free returns within 60 days of purchase. It is usually free for the first time and then charges 6 USD for subsequent returns of the same order.

Customer Service 

Both Shein and Everlane have good customer service teams dedicated to responding swiftly to your complaint and queries. 

Pros and Cons of Shein vs Everlane


Offers increased discounts and promotions than EverlaneNo wholesale purchasing option for customers 
Venmo Payment Support Available
Loyalty programs 
Provide international shipping policy 
More recognized than Everlane


Has wholesale purchasing option Has no Venmo payment support option 
Has several active couponsNo loyalty program
No International shipping policy
No student discount policy


While Shein and Everlane operate as e-commerce platforms, they focus on different styles and trends. However, Shein has the upper hand due to its products’ quality and affordability.

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