Shein vs Urbanic 2023 Review

Shein and Urbanic are popular online stores that sell men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and other fashion items. Shein has been in business since 2008, while Urbanic is a newer fashion brand based in London.

Both stores have made a lot of money by selling trendy clothes to younger customers. They sell a wide range of fashionable items that are appealing to Gen Z.

In this article, we’ll compare Shein and Urbanic to determine which is the better option. So, if you want to buy clothes online, keep reading to find out which store is a good fit for you.

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Which Is Better: Shein or Urbanic?

Shein was founded in 2008 in Nanjing, China by Chris Xu, a Chinese entrepreneur known as ZZKKO. Urbanic was founded in 2018 and is quickly becoming one of the most important new-generation fashion brands.

Shein has its headquarters in Singapore. It has become one of the world’s fastest online fashion retailers in over 150 countries. Urbanic is a multinational fashion company with its headquarters in London.

When Shein first started, they didn’t make their clothes. Instead, they bought them from a wholesale market in China. But in 2014, they changed their approach and started working with different partners and suppliers to create a safe supply chain network. This allowed Shein to start making their clothes and be more in control of the quality and design of their products.

Urbanic’s products are manufactured in China. China is famous for its large clothing production volume combined with low duties and taxes. This attracts Urbanic and other fashion brands to have their products designed in the country.

Shein vs Urbanic- Product Categories

Both Shein and Urbanic products are not only affordable but also made of high quality. Shein focuses majorly on women’s clothing, but it offers children’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories, bag, shoes, cosmetics, and other fashion items.

Urbanic also offers a wide range of products to its customers such as dresses and skirts, jewelry, tops, sportswear, bottoms, jumpsuits, two-piece suits, denim, pajamas, outwears, sweaters and sweatshirts, co-ords, and more.


Shein is an expert at predicting fashion trends and can create a trendy dress in just three days after spotting a new trend. 

Urbanic, on the other hand, is all about inclusivity and creating fashion that works for everyone. They are constantly looking for new trends and ways to make their clothes look great.

Mobile app

Both fashion brands have a simple mobile app for iOS and Android devices. If you don’t want to use their apps, you can use their web versions.


Shein’s standard shipping takes two days to deliver products and costs $3.99. Meanwhile, standard shipping is free on orders over 29 USD. Furthermore, express shipping takes a month to arrive and costs $12 (free for orders over 129 USD).

While at Urbanic, standard shipping takes 8 to 13 days to deliver an order. However, it is entirely dependent on the customer’s location when placing the order.

Final Thoughts- Shein vs Urbanic

Shein and Urbanic are reputable online fashion retailers that sell a wholesome variety of dresses and have been quite successful in doing so. Although Urbanic started a few years back, it has found its way to the top of the fashion industry today.

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