Shein vs Zara: Which Has Better Clothing?

Shein vs Zara: Which Has Better Clothing?

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably seen a lot of reviews about Shein vs Zara. These online shopping stores are the top choice for trendy and affordable clothing.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your wardrobe to more trendy outfits, but you’re torn between Shein and Zara, here’s a guide.

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Zara Clothing Brand Overview

It’s almost impossible to talk about famous and successful clothing brands without mentioning Zara. Fast fashion lovers are always giving Zara amazing reviews, and after browsing their store, you’d probably understand why almost everyone loves them.

Zara is a multinational fashion company owned by Inditex, even though some of us are just seeing Zara in the spotlight, it’s been around since 1975.

Yeah, Zara has been around for quite some time and its parent company Inditex is currently the largest apparel retailer. 

You can buy more than clothing from Zara, they also sell skincare and home decor products.

Zara also Zara fashion is divided into three categories: men, women, and children. Of course, tons of subcategories based on size, clothing type, trends, and more.

SHEIN Fashion Overview

You’ve probably seen a lot of people on social media talking about Shein hauls and how they got cute outfits from them. Shein is another international fashion company that focuses on creating affordable and fashionable outfits for everyone.

Shein clothing provides women, men, children, home, and pet items. It’s a fasting growing fashion retail company based in China.

Shein doesn’t have a lot of physical stores; it has three physical stores in the United States (New York, California, and Arizona). However, Shein organizes pop-up stores where you can try on clothes before purchasing them.

So, if you follow Shein on social media, you can find out when they will be in your location.

Although Shein is already affordable, with clothing items ranging from $5 to $20, it still offers massive sales and discounts, which is why people are always raving about them.

Shein vs Zara: Clothing Quality

Sure, both Shein and Zara sell affordable and trendy clothing, but whose fashion items are better? You might want to know who has better clothing quality before shopping with either of them.

Most of us are already expecting Shein clothing to be of less quality than Zara from the price but expensive items aren’t always better.

But buyers have mixed feelings about Zara and Shein, with some claiming Shein uses lower-quality clothing and others claiming they paid more for Zara and were still disappointed.

Fast fashion items aren’t supposed to be of high quality; the point of selling them at low cost is so you can buy a lot of them.

If you buy highly durable clothing, there’s a good chance you’ll wait a while before replacing it. However, if it fades and the seams become loose after two or three wears, you’ll discard it and replace it.

That’s just how fast fashion works, you’re paying less but you’re buying more. So, in terms of price, Shein is cheaper than Zara.

Zara clothing is sometimes of higher quality than Shein clothing, but not always. Always read buyer reviews before purchasing an item from any of the stores.

Delivery and Shipping Fees: Shein vs Zara

When buying from Zara or Shein, one of the factors to consider is the speed of delivery and the cost of shipping.

Both companies provide relatively quick shipping and decent shipping costs. They also offer free shipping when you spend more than $50 in their store.

You may not need to order a large number of items to qualify for free shipping on Zara because of its average clothing price.

But for Shein, you may need to order a substantial amount first. Although, to be honest, Shein shipping is already cheaper, so you’re not missing out on much.

Zara offers two shipping options: express and standard. The standard shipping fee is $4.95 and it takes two to four days to arrive at your door.

Express shipping, on the other hand, costs significantly more, ranging from $9.95 to $19.95 depending on your location.

Of course, Shein’s delivery fee is slightly lower, at $3.95 for standard shipping and a two-week delivery time. Its express shipping costs $12.90 on average and takes one week to arrive.

It is important to note that shipping fees vary by region and may not be the same price, but they will be within this range.

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Discounts and Sales: Zara vs Shein

Shein provides significantly more discounts than Zara, which is surprising given that the average clothing price on Zara is between $20 and $50, while Shein is under $20.

If you enjoy treasure hunting, Shein is a great place to get massive discounts on clothing. Shein also provides coupons to new users.

Zara also offers discounts, though not as elaborately as Shein. But it has black Friday sales where you can save up to 50% on fashion items.

They both offer shipping discounts when you order a large number of items. Shein offers you free shipping when you order items above $49 while Zara does when your order is above $50.

Fashion Trends and Exclusivity

Shein mass produces clothing, so each item may have up to ten thousand replicas in various sizes and colors. So, whatever clothing you purchase from Shein, someone else has most likely purchased it as well.

Shein is a great option if you don’t mind exclusivity and are looking for lovely and trendy clothing. You can always style your clothing differently to make a fashion statement, so it’s never about the item, it’s about how you wear it.

While Zara does not mass produce as much as Shein, it’s also a fast fashion company. So you might still run into one or two people wearing the same outfit as you.

So, Zara and Shein aren’t always your best bet for one-of-a-kind pieces and statement dresses.

Customer Reviews

In this category, there is no clear winner between Shein and Zara. Some people adore Shein, while others criticize its lack of originality and clothing quality.

Some people prefer Zara clothing because they have received higher quality items from them than from Shein. While some customers argue that Zara is simply paying more for basic clothing.

Here’s one thing to note though, you can find good quality clothing on Shein and the same goes for Zara. However, because Shein’s main focus is to provide low-cost and fashionable items for everyone, finding high-quality clothing on Shein may be less common than on Zara.

Clothing Categories and Sizing

Both companies have a wide category of clothing and pride themselves on body positivity and inclusivity, so they have clothing for all body types.

Zara and Shein sell clothing in a variety of sizes for men, women, and children, including shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, blazers, and jeans. Shein’s main upside over Zara is its activewear category.

Zara’s sizing is slightly more accurate than Shein’s; Zara uses an EU chart, whereas Shein uses Chinese sizes. Although Shein is working to improve these after customers complained that their clothing runs small.

App Responsiveness

Both companies have user-friendly apps and provide an enjoyable shopping experience. Although the layouts of both apps differ, they are both fairly simple to use.

You can download either of them on Google Play and the App Store.


Does Shein vs Zara Ship to My Region?

Zara ships to about 100 countries, while Shein ships to over 150. Zara ships to the following countries, while Shein ships to these countries.

Is Shein Cheaper Than Zara?

Yes, Shein items are usually less expensive than Zara’s. This doesn’t mean Zara’s clothes are ridiculously expensive; in fact, they are quite affordable.

Is Zara and Shein Clothing True to Size?

Yes, for the most part. The majority of Zara customers have stated that the size of the item delivered corresponds to what they ordered.

Customers have found the Shein size chart to be smaller than what they expected. Most customers will advise you to select at least one size larger, while others will advise you to select two sizes larger.


Zara and Shein both provide affordable and trendy clothing for everyone. They are international fashion brands that ship to countries all over the world.

Although Shein clothing is less expensive than Zara clothing, Zara clothing is usually of higher quality than Shein clothing. Zara’s designs are also more unique than Shein’s.

So, if you want to buy nice and trendy clothes on a budget, Shein is a better option. However, if you want more unique pieces and medium-quality clothing at a reasonable price, choose Zara.

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