Surveymonkey vs google forms

SurveyMonkey Vs Google Forms: Let’s Help You Choose

When listing top tools to create your forms with, SurveyMonkey and Google Forms are going to definitely be on your list. While the two platforms are great for form uses like lead generation, registration e.t.c picking one over the other is dependent on your needs. And that’s why we’re doing this post – SurveyMonkey Vs Google Forms – to help you make your pick.

In this article, we’ll be comparing these two platforms that can be used to create forms online.  Before we move ahead with that, here’s a short brief about the tools.

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About Survey Monkey and Google Forms

SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool founded by Ryan Finley alongside Chris Finley in 1999. It is a cloud-based service company and they render survey services and some paid programs. The company behind this tool went public in 2018.

SurveyMonkey Vs Google Forms

As the name implies, Google Forms is a tool that was created by Google. It is a survey software that comes with the Google Suite and is available to all Google users. This suite consists of all other Google tools/platforms – Google sheets, Google Docs, Google Drawings, Google Slides, Gmail, and so on. Google Forms comes with a really simple interface to use.

SurveyMonkey Vs Google Forms

Comparison and Features: SurveyMonkey Vs Google Forms

We’ll be comparing SurveyMonkey and Google Forms on a number of basis and factors. This will include features, integration, pricing and more like that. This is the part you’re waiting for.

Products Offered

SurveyMonkey is not just a basic form tool, there’s more. It comes with a couple more products. Some of these products are GetFeedback, TechValidate, Engage, Audience, CX, Usabilla, Apply, and WuFoo. All of these additional products help to make your entire experience on the platform as smooth as possible. If you want a holistic experience regarding collecting data via forms, SurveyMonkey is your product.

Google Forms does not exactly offer a different product asides form filling. If you just want a basic platform to collect info and nothing more, Google Forms is all for the taking.

Form Templates

There are over 180 templates to use on SurveyMonkey. This is bound to make your work easier especially if you’re not very clear on how to go about it.

Google Forms does not provide survey templates for users. You have to add all questions, options, choices, from scratch.


Google Forms can be integrated to Google Workspace (for businesses) and Google Sheets. How the latter works is that your form data can go directly to Google Sheets if you want it. This is understandable, and expected, as those are also Google products.

SurveyMonkey, on its own hand, does not mention integrating with any third-party app. However, you can explore Zapier to see what third-party platforms can connect to SurveyMonke, if any.


There’s a free trial period and three plan segments on SurveyMonkey. 

  • Personal plans – $34/month, $35/month, and $99/month. 
  • Business plans – $25/user/month, $35/user/month
  • Enterprise businesses – custom prices

Google Forms is free for every individual.

Which is Best For You?

It depends. If you’re looking for a basic form tool to just collect responses, have them organized, and nothing more, use Google Forms. This way, you won’t even spend a dime in the process. But if you want something more, with a holistic user experience, you should take on SurveyMonkey.

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