SurveyMonkey Vs Typeform

SurveyMonkey Vs Typeform: Which Should You Use?

Forms are a great way to capture leads, do a survey, an interview, or a thousand other things. Regardless of what purpose you need to create forms for, SurveyMonkey vs Typeform are two top tools that can serve your purpose.

Tools like these make it easy for firms, businesses, institutions, and many organizations to collect information from their customers or clients.

In this article, we want to compare two of these form creation tools to see which is the best and is more suitable for your purpose. We’ll, however, first do an overview of both platforms.

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About SurveyMonkey and Typeform

Typeform is an online software program that allows a business to create forms flexibly, customizing them for different situations and purposes. It is a Barcelona-based online software program and has been used by big companies including; Apple Inc., Uber, Nike, and Airbnb.

In addition, it was founded in 2012 and it is said to render millions of forms every month.

SurveyMonkey Vs Typeform

SurveyMonkey is also an online software-based platform that has been in existence since 1999 but came to light in September 2018. The platform was founded by Chris Finley and Ryan Finley. SurveyMonkey is used to create exceptional surveys and forms for businesses.

SurveyMonkey Vs Typeform

SurveyMonkey Vs Typeform   

We’ll put these tools against each other and try to help you make a great decision between both products.

What products do they offer?

While SurveyMonkey’s form creation tool is the primary product, they also offer a couple of other specialized products for users. Some of these include; GetFeedback – a tool that lets you collect customer feedback for Salesforce, TechValidate – to help you create marketing content from customer feedback, and Engage – to understand and increase employee engagement. Others include Audience, CX, Usabilla, Apply, and Wufoo.

Asides from Typeform’s form creation tool, they also have a VideoAsk platform that lets users interact face to face with their audience and ask survey questions directly.

Form Templates

Typeform has a long list of templates available to you to help you create your survey. From quiz templates, to survey templates, to questionnaires, lead generation, remote working, and more. 

SurveyMonkey also mentioned the availability of over 180+ templates to use.


If you’d like to integrate your responses or questions to a third-party platform, Typeform got you. The platform supports integration to Canva, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Google Drive, Intercom, Convertkit, Airtable, and so on. See the full list of third-party integrations for Typeform here.

SurveyMonkey does not mention supporting integration with third-party apps.


SurveyMonkey has a free trial period and has three segments of plans. Personal plans on SurveyMonkey start at $34/month, $35/month, and $99/month. While business plans start at $25/user/month, $35/user/month, and custom prices for enterprise businesses.

Typeform has a free plan, then starts at $35/month for the Essentials plan, $50/month for the Professional plan, and $70/month for the Premium plan.

Which is Best for You?

Both forms have great features and affordable pricing. So, if you plan to use a lot of third-party tools with your form, then Typeform is the better option.

Also, Typeform’s free plan is more than enough if you collect data on a small scale.

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