Temu vs Shein: 2023 Review

Whether you’re looking for a corporate outfit or just some trendy clothes for everyday wear, Temu, and Shein have something for everyone. Temu and Shein are two of the world’s leading fast-fashion retailers.

They both sell trendy clothing, accessories, and beauty products at ridiculously low prices. Let’s take a look at the key differences between these two retailers and who you should choose for your next order.

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What’s Different About Temu and Shein?

Temu isn’t just a fashion retailer, it’s an e-commerce company with lifestyle products, industrial and domestic appliances, and beauty and health products. Shein is an online fast fashion and beauty retailer with a global target market.

Another major difference is that Temu does not have a physical store; it is entirely an online marketplace. It also has no pop-up stores anywhere in the world. Shein has some pop-up stores for people who prefer to try on their outfits before buying them or enjoy the in-store shopping experience.

Shein has a competitive advantage over Temu because it offers a wider range of fashion products. Temu has a large collection of fashion and beauty products, but Shein offers more variety.

Also, Temu only ships orders to customers in the United States and Canada, while Shein ships to customers all over the world.

Who Sells at Cheaper Prices – Temu or Shein?

Temu’s fashion products are cheaper when compared to Shein with higher quality. The company also offers seasonal discounts on orders, allowing you to upgrade your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost.

Both Shein and Temu offer free delivery if you meet the threshold, you may not have to pay standard shipping and delivery fees at all.

Temu and Shein

Is Temu’s Clothing Quality Better than Shein’s?

Temu is less expensive than Shein, so you’d think its clothing would be of lower quality, but that’s not the case. Surprisingly, Temu’s clothing is of higher quality than Shein’s.

Customers have commented on how durable Temu clothing is compared to Shein clothing. They last for many seasons without the colors fading or the stitches falling apart.

Temu vs Shein – Shipping and Delivery

Temu offers free standard shipping on orders above $29, with delivery times ranging from 7 to 15 business days, and a standard delivery fee of $3.99.

Shein standard shipping takes about the same amount of time, 7-15 business days, but delivery time varies by country.

Temu and Shin have the same express shipping fee of $12.90 and offer free delivery on orders over $129. They both take 5-7 business days to deliver orders via express shipping.

Exchange and Return Policy – Temu vs Shein

Temu allows you to return items within 90 days of purchase at no cost. It guarantees a full refund as long as the item is unworn, undamaged, and unwashed and still has the original tags.

You can also request to exchange items with Temu if you’re not interested in a refund.

Shein has a slightly different return and exchange policy, you have only 30 days from delivery to return or exchange an item.

FAQs – Temu vs Shein

Is Temu like Shein?

Yes, Temu is quite similar to Shein, they both offer a huge collection of fashion and beauty at affordable prices. However, Temu has a wider collection than Shein when it comes to lifestyle products such as electronics, home decor, etc.

How long does it take Shein to deliver?

Shein’s delivery is relatively fast, you could go with standard shipping or express shipping. Keep in mind that the delivery speed is highly dependent on your country.

Standard shipping takes up to 14 business days, while express shipping has a faster delivery time of 5-7 days. You have to pay an additional fee for express shipping.

Also, your order could qualify for free standard shipping if it meets your country’s free shipping threshold.

Is Temu fast fashion?

Yes, Temu is a fast fashion retailer just like Shein.


Temu is gradually becoming one of Shein’s biggest competitors, with lower prices and a wider range of products besides fashion and beauty. They have almost the same shipping and delivery time and fee.

Shein is slightly more expensive than Temu but offers more variety for clothing and accessories.

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