Temu vs DHgate 2023 Review

Do you look forward to buying online from one of the two world-largest online shopping platforms? Are you looking for a comprehensive review of Temu vs DHgate? If so, then you are at the right place.

Temu and DHgate are two renowned online marketplaces for a variety of products, especially fashion. Both have extensive categories of these products available for international shipping. The major difference between these two is that DHgate sells cheaper. On the other hand, you cannot drop ship with Temu, while DHgate remains one of the most popular drop shipping platforms.

DHgate and Temu still have other differences and similarities, so read on to the end to discover them.

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About Temu vs DHgate


Temu is a retail e-commerce platform owned by PDD Holdings Inc. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company was founded barely a year ago, in July 2022. Temu offers highly discounted items typically shipped directly to consumers from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.


DHgate, on the other hand, is a wholesale online marketplace based in Beijing, China. It has been in the business since its official launching in 2005, although it was founded in 2004. DHgate is one of China’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Both online shopping platforms operate a B2C model. Over the years, they have been getting a lot of attention on various social media platforms due to their seemingly good and affordable products from China. Sure, many people know that the products they want to buy online may be a replica of the original one, but they still choose to buy them due to their low cost. However, their product categories and prices slightly vary.

Temu vs DHgate Product Categories

From home improvement products to office & school supplies, Temu has an extremely long list of products on its website. These include clothing & fashion accessories, electronics, toys, musical instruments, etc.

DHgate’s website has a lot of the same products as Temu, but it only sells them in wholesale, i.e., bulk quantities. It is one of the top drop shipping companies in China, so you can buy directly from a manufacturer to avoid the extra costs added by middlemen.

Temu vs DHgate Pricing- Which Is Cheaper?

DHgate and Temu sells their products at reasonable prices, but DHgate items are more affordable because they tag wholesale prices on all their stock. However, you can only benefit from these low prices if you need wholesale supplies.

Note that the product prices on DHgate gets cheaper as you increase the quantity of products you want to order.

So, if you need just one product, DHgate might not be the best choice.

Shipping Options and Delivery Times

The delivery times of Temu and DHgate varies depending on several factors, especially your preferred shipping option and location. On the other hand, the shipping cost varies depending on where you live.

It takes Temu about 3 business days to prepare your order for delivery, while DHgate can get your order ready in less than 24 hours. That makes DHgate a better option when it comes to order processing.

Besides, Temu only ships to specific countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, France, Australia, and Spain. Unlike Temu, DHgate ships to various parts of the world.

Temu’s standard shipping is free for most orders, and you can expect your order to arrive within 8 to 25 business days. However, if you’d like your order to arrive faster, you can opt for Temu’s express shipping service for an additonal cost.

DHgate takes 3-5 days to deliver your orders with express shipping. But if you opt for the standard shipping option, it will take 5-40 days to receive your order, depending on the transportation mode used by the seller.

Temu vs DHgate Customer Experience

Both e-commerce platforms offer excellent customer support. You can use the help center FAQs to answer your queries quickly. But if you can’t get answers that fit your queries, you can talk to professionals about your questions and queries 24/7 on both platforms.

Although Temu has better customer service ratings, making it almost impossible for your order to go wrong.

What are the Benefits of Shopping From Temu vs DHgate?

Free returns

Unlike DHgate, Temu offers free returns. If you return unsatisfactory products within 90 days of your order, you will not be charged shipping fees.

Global shipping

While Temu’s shipping is restricted to a few countries only, DHgate’s international shipping covers all countries and regions. So your location doesn’t hold you back whenever you’re looking to buy bulk from DHgate.

Dropshipping platform

DHgate has a lot more designer replica product listings than Temu. So, you can find them in all sorts of categories, like fashion, beauty, and mobile phones.

Final Thoughts – Temu vs DHgate

Temu is relatively new to the market compared to DHgate has been around for almost 20 years, but it has more website visits. 

If you want to purchase wholesale products at cheaper prices, then you should go with DHgate. However, if you want to purchase one or two quantities of a product, you should go with Temu.

Also, while DHgate also ships products faster than Temu, it but its customer support isn’t as great as Temu’s.

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