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Temu vs Zaful – 2023 Review

Temu and Zaful are among the fastest-growing online marketplaces in the world. Both brands have been able to compete with top shots in the fashion industry, including Amazon, Shein, Zara, and AliExpress.

Both e-commerce platforms invariably offer a wide range of fashionable items. However, they vary based on pricing, customer service, shipping & returns policy, and more. If you’re having difficulty choosing which of these brands to shop from, you’re reading just the right article.

About Temu vs Zaful

Temu is an online shopping platform established in 2022 and a subsidiary of PDD Holdings. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Temu men's fashion

Zaful, on the other hand, is a Chinese-based e-commerce platform founded by Leo Wang in 2014. It is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Zaful product categories

Temu vs Zaful – Which Should You Buy From?

Here, we will describe the differences between Temu and Zaful based on the following:

Product categories

Temu offers clothes and shoes for all ages and both genders, home appliances, electronics, and home improvement products. Other products listed on Temu include automotive products, musical instruments, industrial & commercial items, kitchen utensils, and garden tools.

Unlike Temu, which sells different types of products, Zaful exclusively offers fashionable items. These include trendy clothes for men and women, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, blouses, plus-size, etc.


Both online shopping platforms offer reasonably-priced prices on all their products, especially clothing. However, Zaful sells slightly cheaper than Temu.

Product Quality

Temu hosts several businesses and brands, connecting them with their buyers. Most of the vendors on its platform are manufacturers that offer only high-quality products.

Zaful also sells quality fashion products. The majority of them are made of natural materials. Little wonder, people are purchasing in large quantities from Zaful daily.

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Nearly all products listed on Temu qualify for free delivery. Shipping takes place within 5 to 25 days. If you would like to receive your orders quicker, you can opt for Express Shipping, which costs $12.90.

Orders worth over $129 qualify for free express shipping. Temu works with top carriers in the US, including DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Hence, you’ll get your orders quickly as when due.

Zaful also offers free shipping on orders worth more than $35 and $130 for standard and express shipping, respectively.

Note that express shipping is only available within the US.

Customer service

Zaful and Temu have excellent customer service teams available to answer your inquiry quickly. So if you’re experiencing issues with your order or a delay, feel free to contact their respective teams.

Pros and Cons of Temu vs Zaful

Temu is a go-to e-commerce platform for a variety of products. Its products are slightly more expensive compared to Zaful.

Fashion products listed on Zaful are cheaper than those sold by Temu. As mentioned earlier, it makes its product from natural materials, which can get quite stretchy after one or two wears. Zaful’s success story can be attributed to its long-standing experience and existence.


Temu and Zaful are both great online marketplaces for cheap and quality products. They offer discounts and massive clearance sales on most of their products. However, Temu beats Zaful in all areas except for pricing.

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