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TikTok vs Vine: Where Should You Host Your Video Content?

Does Vine come readily to your mind when you see or think of TikTok? You probably ask questions like “Can TikTok survive where Vine failed?” or “Is TikTok here to stay?” With questions going around about TikTok vs Vine, wouldn’t a comparison do justice to both platforms? Who wouldn’t want to know what platform does it or did it in style?

With these in mind, this article decides to do just that; juxtaposing between both platforms. Get set to clear all doubts in a TikTok vs Vine evaluation.

Let’s get in full swing.

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TikTok vs Vine: An Introduction

Vine and TikTok are platforms where users can share innovative videos for a certain number of seconds. With a growing population where there is a consistent decline of span attention. Besides, there is also an increasing need to have videos that are more creative. Vine and Tiktok solve that perfectly.

tiktok vs vine

TikTok hasn’t been around for a long time. The year 2018 and 2019 made Tiktok famous as Apple users kept downloading the application in their numbers. Founded by a software engineer; Zhang Yiming and originally released to the Chinese market in 2016. As of 2017, the platform already had an IOS and Andriod platform.

Just before we saw the official release of Vine by Twitter in the year 2013, the founders started and sold the company in the year 2012.  Eventually, the platform came to a halt about 4 years later after undergoing an expanding growth in its user base.


You have probably heard of the 60 seconds elevator pitch but what about creating something unique within 6 seconds! Quite a deal right? That was Vine’s idea of making people creative. The videos only last for 6 seconds with the liberty to create any kind of content.

TikTok decided not to go for the 6 seconds content creation. What TikTok did was to increase the 6 seconds to 15-60 seconds long. With this feature in place and other features such as visual effects and audio effects, it allows for more creativity. It is a usual practice for TikTok users to play catchy music in the background.

Tiktok vs Vine: Engaging trends

With an increasing number of younger folks on the earth, the number of TikTok users has grown over the years. While both of them can boast engaging trends, TikTok’s user base is much more than Vine had while it was still functional. To this end, TikTok has more engaging trends than Vine.

TikTok vs Vine: Content Creation

TikTok and Vine did take content creation to a new level with so much creativity. The contents created by numerous users of both platforms did simulate excitement in people as you get to see a lot of enjoyable content.

However, there is a lot of dubbing on both platforms. People can decide to create or recreate contents that go viral. This means that with numerous identical contents around, it can quite a task to stand out of the crowd.

tiktok vs vine

TikTok vs Vine: Ease of use

One of Vine’s major strengths was the explore tab where you can easily see the contents of the users you are following. This meant that you didn’t need to worry about getting content that you would not like to see.

As for TikTok, they followed a more strategic approach by improving on what Vine did. With a better algorithm in place, TikTok has a “For you” page. On this page, you get great suggestions of content from people you are not necessarily following. All you need to do on the page is to scroll and watch, there is no need for searching. However, they also included another separate tab where you can also enjoy the contents of the people you follow.


Both platforms have several strategies they have applied over the years. TikTok fairs better when making a comparison based on its algorithm. However, TikTok is more popular among younger folks while several people who were active users of Vines still prefer Vine over TikTok. What do you think? Which platform do you think does it better?

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