Top 10 affordable plus size clothing brand in 2023

Top 10 Affordable Plus Size Clothing Brand in 2023

Have you ever wanted us to recommend the top 10 affordable plus size clothing brand in 2023? If so, the time is now! This article outlines various fashion brands offering plus size clothing for women who can’t get their best fit easily.

1. H&M

H&M plus size

H&M is also among the top 10 affordable plus size clothing brand in 2023. It’s a trendy fashion brand that offers plus-size clothing that is stylish yet affordable. They launched their extended sizes in 2018, with sizes up to XXL, and switched their sizing structure. H&M has the cheapest plus-size clothing, with a price range starting from $8.99.


ASOS Plus Size clothing

ASOS is your one-stop for everything plus-size clothing. They have various clothing items with unique styles for curvy, plump, and thick women. Men’s plus-size fashion are also not left out. Besides, most ASOS plus size clothing are trendy, so you have wide options based on your fashion sense and preferred material.

Above all, ASOS sells at reasonable prices, even though its luxurious outfits can be more costly. Plus size clothing on ASOS costs as low as $12.00.

3. Eloquii

Eloquii plus size

Eloquii is one of the most fashion-forward plus size brands. With its bright colors, daring silhouettes, and ‘look at me’ designs, its clothing styles deliver both form and function.

However, its high-quality quality comes with a hefty price tag, even though you can apply a promo code to get outfits for a lesser price.

4. Mango

Mango plus size

If you’re looking for something elevated, less trendy, but with amazing designs, Mango is your best bet. They offer different collections of plus-size clothing up to 4XL. Their designs are mostly general basics, white or plain blouses, and dresses with nice khakis or shorts. Mango’s summer collection is also wonderful. You could also shop for a khaki and a striped top with a neutral color sandal and you’re good to go to the beach!

Apart from the basics, they have some prints that are just super cool and funky.
Overall, their prices are a bit higher, but then again, you’re making a good investment into your wardrobe when you shop from Mango.

5. Universal Standard

Universal Standard plus size

For not less than $35, you can order elegant and lasting plus-size clothing from Universal Standard. The brand has them in wide-ranging sizes up to size 40 without being size-inclusive. However, Universal Standard has a downside, which could make you choose other brands. It focuses on denim, although it offers several options. Great classics, like button-down shirts and bodysuits, are also available.

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6. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant plus size

Lane Bryant has been in the business since 1904, delivering a broad range of fashion products with impeccable fits and great design. When you visit Lane Bryant’s website, you’ll find different kinds of plus-size clothing, including tops, dresses, pants, jeans, skirts, intimates, swimwear, and activewear. They also carry a vast collection of shoes and bags to complement your plus-size clothes.

The sizes available at Lane Bryant typically range from 14 to 28. Their prices fall into the mid-range category.

7. Simply Be

Simple Be plus size

Simply Be is one of the UK’s leading women’s plus size clothing brands, with sizes ranging up to UK32. There is virtually no type of fashion item you can’t find on its website.

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8. Torrid

Torrid plus size

Shopping at Torrid is bound to be love at first fit. After all, that’s their goal… to find you the perfect fit for your body. Torrid offers affordable plus-size clothing without compromising on designs. They have sizes ranging from 00 to 30.

Note that they have more denim and swimwear collections for plus-size women. Their jeans come in impressive styles for different body types.

9. Addition Elle

Addition Elle plus size

As one of the top 10 affordable plus size clothing brands in 2023, Addition Elle has a range of inexpensive outfits for women looking for larger clothing sizes. The brand gives plus size women the comfort they deserve. You can find Addition Elle at its sister store, Penningtons.

10. City Chic

City Chic plus size

No matter what you seek in plus size clothing, City Chic has it at reasonable prices, starting from $20. You’ll have up to size 30. The brand offers a variety of plus-size clothing styles that would make you want to shop over and over again. They also have an easy return policy that lets you get a full refund if your item doesn’t fit.


Size inclusivity within the fashion space has been an uphill battle over the years, but these brands have set a pace for upcoming brands to follow. So if you’re a big-boned, thick, plump, curvy, or full-figured woman, you can buy trendy and high-quality plus-size clothing from H&M without breaking the bank.

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