Top 10 Affordable Skims Shapewear Alternatives

Kim K’s Skims brand has been around for a while now, and it’s been a hit with us. We love all the shapes and styles of Skims clothing, from tank tops to dresses and bras to thongs. It’s all designed to help you look and feel your best, and it’s made with super soft fabrics.

No matter how much you want to own skim shapewear, sometimes it’s hard to get your hands on it. It’s either sold out really quickly or the prices are really expensive. So if you want inclusive, comfortable, and shapewear that won’t break the bank, here’s a post for you.

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Why Affordable Skims Shapewear Alternatives?

Looking at brands like Skims and Spanx that sell top-notch fabrics, everyone from celebrities to influencers to regular people can’t get over them.

However, this level of quality comes with a price tag that not everybody can afford, which is why the majority of people now choose alternatives with prices they can afford.

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear

There are certain benefits of wearing shapewear and aside from enhancing the finesse of your outfit they also:

  • Improves posture 
  • Helps achieve your desired feminine silhouette 
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence

Overall, wearing body shapers gives you that smooth look. They smooth out all your body and give you the perfect hourglass shape.

What Are the Top 10 Affordable Skims Shapewear Alternatives

1. Reoria Sleeveless Racer Back Bodysuit– $26

First on our list is Amazon’s #1 best seller in women’s body suits. It is super soft and stretchy and has a liner in the chest area. It is also available in over 15 colors and sizes S-2XL. The price for this is $2.

2. Verdusa Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Dress– $27

This dress is perfect for showing off your curves and giving you a super sexy look. It’s super comfy and shape-fitting. It also has adjustable straps to enhance the fit and comfort. And the best part? It’s only $27!

3. SHAPERX Bodysuits- $30-$38

This might be one of the most popular Skims Dupe out there. It’s a replica of Skim’s Sculpting thong bodysuit which goes for $68 on the Skims shopping site while this retails on Amazon for $37. You could pair it with a jean and a blazer or as an undergarment, either way, your body is well snatched.

4. Pumiey Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit– $31

This bodysuit dupe has gone viral on Tiktok for being an amazing Skims dupe. It accentuates your figure and gives you the perfect body sculpting effect. You can pair it with a pant or a skirt but either way, you slay!

5. Maidenform Pure Comfort Bralette– $13

If you’re looking for the ultimate full-coverage comfort bra then your search stops here. This is a dupe of Skims Naked Scoop Tank Bra and it comes in various sizes and colors which cost over $50 while this is about $13. You would be getting the same amount of comfort as the original so if I were you I’d move to this side fast.

6. Fixmatti Fuzzy Three Piece– $53.99

It’s the coziest Skims collection you’ll ever have, but unfortunately, it’s mostly sold out. That’s where Amazon’s three-piece fuzzy set comes in, made from ultra-soft, warm fabric.

If you’re looking for something sexy or comfy, you can get it in this 3-piece set. The cool thing is that it’s way cheaper than Skims, so you’re saving money to buy more!

7. AnotherChill Lounge Slip Long Dress- $25

This Anotherchill long slip dress gives you the comfort you deserve. It is a number-one favorite amongst Tik Tokers. TikTok user @Talilii said she found a more budget-friendly alternative.

In a video, she has both versions of the dress and does a side-by-side comparison, saying the shape and fabric look basically the same. The dress is so elegant and flattering and more affordable than the real deal which is sold for $78 while this dupe goes for $25.

8. H&M Sports Crop Top– $14-$30

H&M is a popular fashion retailer that offers a range of clothing items, including sports crop tops. Sport crop tops are a wardrobe must-have for every lady! With this, you could work out for as long as you want without being bothered about weariness and your appearance.

9. Ekaliy One Piece Bodysuit– $28

This two-piece set is a dupe of Skims Rib Boxer Shorts that comes with a matching top. This set gives you the exact feeling you want while working out, you don’t have to be bothered about your appearance or posture at all. 

According to most buyers, these two pieces are so flattering and it comes in different colors so you sure do not have to limit yourself to buying just one. It is sold for $28 on Amazon.

10. FeelinGirl Shapewear

This shapewear is simply TOP TIER! Compression around the chest and waist area keeps your body well snatched! If you’re disturbed about belly fat around your tummy then this shapewear smoothes out the fat and makes your waist much slimmer. 

If you’re on the big size then your worries come to an end with this shapewear. It is sold for $64 on Skims but do yourself one better and get it at a more affordable price for $34 on Amazon.

Where to Buy Affordable Skims Shapewear Alternatives

  • Amazon

Amazon is gonna be top on my list for shapewear stores. As you can see from most references I’ve made in this article, Amazon is my go-to for shape-wear alternatives. Amazon offers a wide range of shapewear brands at different price points.            Amazon gives you very affordable options that would also be worth every penny you pay.

Online fashion retailers

Websites like Aliexpress, Temu, Shein, and Teen Vogue often offer affordable shapewear alternatives. These retailers offer a wide range of clothing items including shapewear, at budget-friendly prices. Keep an eye out for sales to get even better deals.

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How to Choose the Right Affordable Skims Alternatives

  • Know Exactly What You Want

Before getting a shapewear you need to know what part of your body you want to focus on. Skims gives you various offers from body suits to shorts to thongs to high-waisted briefs. So you need to identify the area you want to find comfort in to pick an alternative.

  • Search for Affordable Skims Alternatives

These brands should have clothing similar to that of Skims and also offer similar features such as compression and comfortable fabrics. And also make sure to check customer reviews about the brands to make sure they provide quality products.

  • Compare the Prices

You need to compare the prices of different brands and how budget friendly they are to find the most affordable option. Check out for sales, promotions, and discounts that would further reduce costs. But be mindful of alternatives with very low prices, they may be of really poor quality.

  • Check the Sizing

Sizing is very crucial when it comes to shapewear. You need a brand with inclusive sizing just like Skims. Make sure to review the sizing charts provided by the brands and compare them with your measurements. Note that some brands might have different sizing guidelines.

  • Quality and Comfort

Being a person that always wants to be comfortable, I always look out for fabrics that wouldn’t stress my skin or make me uncomfortable while wearing it. You have to consider the material that the shapewear was made with to know if they are breathable, stretchy, and comfortable fabric.

If they are too tight or compressed, they wouldn’t be suitable to wear for a long time. So before purchasing shapewear, ensure that you read the reviews about the brand and know if the shapewear is worth getting.

  • Return policy

Check the return policy of the brand or retailer before making a purchase. In case the shapewear doesn’t fit properly, it’s good to know if you can easily return it or exchange it.


As popular as this brand is, it has its downsides which include high prices. But finding quality Skims dupes as close to the real thing poses its challenges. That’s why we created a guide to help you find the Skims Dupe that fits just like the original thing and costs less!

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