top 10 ChatGPT alternatives for writers

Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives for Writers

ChatGPT is renowned as one of the most used AI text generators by writers and authors. Despite being known as such, you may be unaware that some other AI tools work just like ChatGPT or even better. They run on GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, the same Large Language Model (LLM) that ChatGPT relies on. In this article, we’ll give details on the top 10 ChatGPT alternatives for writers.

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1. Bing AI

Bing AI

Bing AI gives you access to accurate AI-generated texts on various topics. You can also use it to create informative ideas for your articles. It performs several tasks like writing, summarization, and translation.

2. Chatsonic


Chatsonic is also among the top 10 ChatGPT alternatives for writers, as it gives more comprehensive results. This AI-powered generates factual results, as it works with Google search engine.

Also, it has other features, such as voice commands, enabling you to conduct research and ask questions using voice. Another exciting feature of Chatsonic is that it can generate images. It also allows you to share results with other people.

3. Google Bard

Google Bard homepage

Bard by Google is another AI chatbot with a reasonable level of precise response to searches and inquiries. Google Bard sums up complex subjects and provides numerous replies to questions. The results also come with sources.

4. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper is also recommendable, as it helps you to generate compelling text in minutes. It also creates eye-catching headlines and analyzes your brand to create text that resonates with your audience. Jasper uses natural language to respond to queries on all topics.

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5. Writesonic


As one of the top 10 ChatGPT alternatives for writers, Writesonic is a fantastic writing assistant. With write sonic, you can generate high-quality content quickly and effortlessly. It runs on natural language processing and deep learning techniques.

You can also generate blog posts on this app. It has several writing templates, allowing you to personalize your content based on specific needs.

6. Copy AI

Copy AI

Copy AI can serve as your writing assistant, helping you to create persuasive and engaging articles. You can use it for email subject lines, page content, and blog posts. With this AI tool, you can generate captivating text and get help with headlines and ideas.

It offers a range of writing styles and formats to meet your specific requirements.

7. Hugging Chat


Hugging Chat offers a variety of functions as an AI writing assistant. It can write blog posts and gives ideas for article topics. It performs almost all chatbot functions, so it’s another great alternative you can try as a writer. Moreover, it is swift in responding to questions.

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8. YouChat


YouChat is an AI-powered tool with a chat interface where you can input your questions like you’re starting a chat. It summarizes documents and websites to give you precise yet elaborate texts.

It has a traditional search with many websites, which helps you gather information and harmonize it to create your answer. In addition, it gives a quick response and allows you to ask follow-up questions that maintain the context of your original question.

9. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

We also recommend Perplexity AI as one of the top 10 ChatGPT alternatives for writers to create content. With this AI tool, you can ask a wide range of topics and get precise answers. This AI tool is free, and you don’t need an account.

10. Elicit


If you need an AI text generator to help with your research, Elicit is your best bet. It gives elaborate answers to your inquiries. The theoretical aspects of your research will be top-notch if you consider using this AI tool.


Overall, AI chatbots help you generate ideas that assist you in writing. While ChatGPT is a unique AI app, it has its own limitations, making it necessary for you to try other alternatives.

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