Top 10 free Grammarly Alternatives 2022

When you think of professional writing you think of Grammarly, it is an application used worldwide to check errors and piracy

Grammarly helps you in blending writing components such as syntax, tone, spelling, and more to produce readable, rich, and professional content.

Keep in mind that this tool cannot detect all incorrectly placed words; however, it will warn you with a red underline of poorly constructed sentences, misspelled words, and overuse of adjectives.

There are several products out there in the market that I won’t call a competition but they are considered options in a case where you choose not to go with Grammarly. I have curated a list for you below of what I consider the top 10 of these options in my books.

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When it comes to pricing, this option stands out as one of Grammarly’s top market challengers. It enables you to check for grammatical errors, simplicity and readability, and piracy.

Pricing: starts from $0


  • You get a very detailed rundown on grammatical mistakes.
  • Clarity check to ensure that sentences are easy to read.
  • An archive of word suggestions is available.
  • Works perfectly on windows and also mac.
  • can interface with quite a several writing and emailing software, MS office, google docs, and chrome as extensions, etc.

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2. SlickWrite

SlickWrite is a powerful application that elevates your writing by providing a comprehensive platform that can meet all of your professional writing needs, whether it’s blogging, research journals, articles, or professional SEO. However, it is only available as a web version.

The links below will redirect you to where you can try a demo document or a real one belonging to you. demo, or original documents. This software is web-based and requires no downloads all you need is to visit their websites and use the software.

Pricing: slick write is entirely free.


  • Provides proofreading for novelists.
  • SEO tools to help rank your articles high on google search.
  • Next-level essay, journal, and article writing for professionals and students.

Click here to use the app


When you search for proofreading on Google, is the first result. This software creates a flawless disparity in your writing, setting it apart from similar works.


  • You get team alignment to your unique style of writing and brand voice
  • It gives your writing gender-neutral pronoun suggestions.
  • It enables you to turn on/off different types of writing suggestions.
  • You can verify the content according to the style guide of your company.
  • You can integrate it with Chrome, docs, and MS word

Sign up here

4. Papertrue

Papertrue was founded in 2014 to make flawless writing available to everyone. From piracy check to everything required of your documents to be impeccable and professionally outstanding.


You get a free trial Then you have different prices for different documents, novels, essays, research journals, etc.


  • Essay composition for students who are applying for college.
  • They have real-time editors offering 24/7 service.
  • Workable pricing system for various types of documents.

Click here to use the app 

5. Ginger Software

This software gives enables you to check mistakes, correct misspelled words, detect wrongly placed words and help you to write better generally. All this is achieved using patent-pending technology.


This software is free.


  • The spelling correction here is contextual.
  • Corrects Grammatical faults relating to the verb, agreement, and subject.
  • Similar to the Grammarly software, the correction process is quite easy.

6. Grammar Check

This is an elementary writing application that is web-based with functionalities letting you write more effectively. You can use this service by typing directly into provided space or by simply copying and then pasting. 

Pricing: $0


  • You can spell-check, and diagnose grammar related mistakes
  • For ease of usage, simply copy and paste

7. After The Deadline

This software is absolutely free. It is great for picking out faulted grammar, spelling, and pin-points relevant suggestions for your writing to be excellent. It’s also seen as one of the outright best free alternatives to Grammarly.


Zero fees


  • It provides open-source code
  • The checking style in advance
  • Contextual spelling check
  • Grammar check
  • Explanation of mistakes

8. Online Correction is a web application that helps you to find, highlight, and check spelling mistakes. It also detects mistakes related to writing style. This product’s simplicity, ease of use, and quick design make proofreading a breeze.


It is totally free


  • The hint is represented in style
  • Checks mistakes in Grammar and spelling
  • Auto-correct is available
  • gives suggestions for vocabulary structure and sentence construction

9. Druide Antidote

This is a useful tool for checking grammar in two major languages: French and English. It is one of the few on this list that analyzes mistakes, provides an online word archive, and diagnoses Grammar, among other features. It can run as an app or be integrated into MSword.


There are three plans: personal, family, and one-time purchase. The personal plan is limited to one user and costs $59.95 per year. The family plan, on the other hand, costs $99.95 and allows for five users.

Finally, the one-time plan costs $129.50 and is limited to a single user.


  •  It can correct all typo-mistake in one click.
  • A diverse dictionary is accompanied by a powerful search tool.
  • Corrects punctuation mistakes.
  • Well outlined language guide. 
  • Makes provision for emojis.
  • Well-outlined syntax analysis for word composition.
  • Correction of mistakes with smart filters.

10. PaperRater

PaperRater is a software that checks action, grammar arrangement, and spelling errors. It also includes a tool for detecting piracy. 

Although it only tells you the percentage of your work that was copied, it does not highlight the copied text.


There is a free plan, a monthly plan for $11.21/mo, and a yearly plan for $71.55.


  • You can check grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • The results are ad-free
  • They offer precise writing suggestions.
  • The piracy tool is integrated with the proofreader 

More About Grammarly- FAQs

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly helps you write error-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other app you use; even in text messages.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

There are three plans for Grammarly. The free plan, the premium plan which costs $12.50 monthly, and the business plan which goes $12.50 every month.

Is Grammarly Free for Students?

Grammarly is currently not free for students, but they do offer discounts to students if you can prove it.

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