Top 10 Kdramas to Watch on Netflix

Korean Dramas (Kdramas), have been gaining popularity in recent years. If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, Netflix has a ton of great ones, from romantic comedies to suspenseful thrillers to historical dramas. Check out these 10 of the top Korean dramas on Netflix now:

1. Itaewon Class

Starring Park Seo-Joon, Yoo Jae-Myung, Kwon Nara, and Kim Da-mi, Itaewon Class holds the top position on our list. It’s a 2020 South Korean TV series available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

The story of Itaewon Class follows Park Seo-Joon, who got kicked out of high school on his first day. He was punished for hitting his classmate, the CEO’s son, for being a bully.

Seo-Joon’s father also worked for the bully’s father’s company, which caused him to lose his job and eventually his life.

The series won the 25th Asian TV Awards in 2021.

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2. Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is a 2019/2020 Kdrama featuring Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-Hyun, Seo Ji-Hye, and Son Ye-jin. It’s a romantic comedy TV series directed by Lee Jung-hyo and starring Hyun Bin, Kim Jung-Hyun, Seo Ji-Hye, and Son Ye-jin.

It revolves around an army officer and chaebol heiress who crash-landed after being swept up by an unexpected storm while paragliding.

Upon landing in a demilitarized zone, she meets an army captain who helps her to hide. They eventually fall in love, despite the dispute between their countries.

3. Mr. Sunshine

No matter the country where you live, you can watch Mr. Sunshine on Netflix to see how a group of activists fought for Korea’s independence. This South Korean TV series is set in Seoul (when it was Hanseong) in the early 1900s, starring Lee Byung-hun, Byun Yo-han, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Tae-ri, and Kim Min-jung.

Mr. Sunshine is a romance, historical, and melodrama genre drama released in 2018. The film revolves around a man born into slavery in Joseon and how he escaped to the US and became a Marine Corps officer.

4. SKY Castle

SKY Castle is a 2018/2019 South Korean TV series available on Netflix, regardless of your country or region. It follows the story of an estate called the SKY Castle and how its residents, who are affluent doctors and professors, cruelly grow their wealth at the expense of others.

Their wives were bent on making their husbands more affluent, as well as raising children to be the best students accepted in top universities.

This satirical series features Yum Jung-ah, Oh Na-ra, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Seo-Hyung, and Lee Tae-ran. It was the highest-rated Kdrama in Korean cable TV history.

5. Hospital Playlist

Featuring Jo Jung-suk, Jeon Mi-do, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Kim Dae-myung, Hospital Playlist is a 2-season Korean drama of 24 episodes. It was initially released in 2020 and was directed by Shin Won-ho. The TV series is about five doctors who work in the same hospital. They were friends from medical school. While one of them just got divorced due to their long-distance marriage, another aspired to become a priest.

Hospital Playlist is unarguably one of the top ten Kdrama to watch on Netflix. Watch now to see how this comedy, romance, and medical drama ends.

6. When the Camellia Blooms

When the Camellia Blooms is a TV series about Gong Hyo-jin (Oh Dong-bae), a single mother who opened a bar after moving to a small town. She encountered many challenges while trying to settle down in her new town.

A few years later, a police officer confessed his love to her, whereas a serial killer was in an attempt to eliminate her.

7. Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna is a 1-season dark fantasy and romantic comedy of 16 episodes. It came on Netflix in 2019, starring Lee Ji-Eun (IU), Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Gyu-ri, and Kim Kang-hoon.

In this TV series, Yeo Jin-goo played Koo Chan-sung, a Harvard MBA graduate hired to assist in managing a hotel whose staff and guests are all reincarnates who returned for their unfinished business.

8. Kingdom

With Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Sung-kyu, Kim Sang-ho, Bae Doo-na, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Kim Hye-jun as its main cast, this 2-season Korean TV series is among the top ten Kdrama to watch on Netflix.

Kingdom depicts the aftermath of the Imjin War set in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Its story is based on a webtoon series titled “The Kingdom of the Gods.”

9. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is among the best Kdramas on Netflix, featuring celebrities like Song Kang, Park Gyu-young, Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-Si, and Lee Si-Young. Its story is about a man Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), who left his home for an apartment. He realized people were trapped inside the building and started seeing monsters.

Its second season will be released this year, 2023. You should also watch out for its third season, which is still in production.

10. The Uncanny Counter

We also recommend The Uncanny Counter as one of the top ten Kdrama to watch on your Netflix app or smart TV. Its main stars include Jo Byung-gyu, Yeom Hye-ran, Kim Se-Jeong, and Yoo Jun-sang.

The Uncanny Counter is a story of demon hunters on the verge of banishing evil spirits from the afterlife.

11. Squid Game

The reason Squid Game isn’t one of the top 10 Kdramas on the list is that you’ve probably seen it. But if you haven’t it’s a great watch. It is a survival drama TV show written and directed by Hwang Dok-hyuk.

The series follows a group of 456 people who are all in dire financial straits. They have to play a bunch of dangerous kids’ games to win a huge cash prize of 45.6 billion won (about 35 million US dollars).


This is only a small selection of some of the best Kdramas on Netflix. Whether you’re a romantic, action-packed, or suspenseful type of person, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. I hope you have a great time watching these amazing Kdramas!

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