Unbounce vs Clickfunnels

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels: Which is the Best Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builder

Shortly after Unbounce was launched in 2011, it was followed by three other sales funnel builder software – Leadpages, Instapage, and Clickfunnels. Though they differ, they are all premised on the foundation of Unbounce with the addition of various features. Surely, an Unbounce vs Clickfunnels comparison is overdue.

The platforms host the majority of top email promotion services, provides page templates and split testing functionalities.

In this post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into an Unbounce vs Clickfunnels comparison. If you’ve been considering using any of these two sales funnel builders, you should get to a decision after reading this post. Do take a look.

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Unbounce vs Clickfunnels: Comparison

Landing Pages Designer

Unbounce’s platform features a drag-and-drop feature for convenient editing of landing pages. Through the drag-and-drop feature, you can adjust the width of your landing page for the exact positioning of chosen elements.

You are allowed to setup popups when visitors access your landing page as they will be activated when a visitor exits your site and they forget to scroll over a particular point or later on, after a while, or after a pre-arranged time hovering the landing pages.

With Unbounce’s in-built conversion enhancing and lead building tools, you can enhance the conversion capability any visitor can benefit from your pages. The option of making use of CSS, Custom Javascript and HTML to make changes to whichever of your landing pages is also allowed.

Clickfunnels provides a drag-and-drop feature that helps in adding changes to whichever of your landing pages through a simple process where you get to select an element and place it on the needed page where it can be set in the right place.

After dropping, you may adjust the details of the element. You can go further to choose a template from its Marketplace as the basics and make the changes needed to the template. 

Despite that either platform are quite direct and simple in use via drag and drop visual editors, their page editors also work in a very similar way, making them quite alike. So, in terms of an optimized landing page Maker, Unbounce is the best.

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels Templates

Unbounce provides over a hundred templates towards conversion-targeted landing page templates that attain your precise needs of which can be modified in all or built from scratch. Asides from the free template, there are paid templates that will be provided after upgrading to the premium package.

Clickfunnels provides more than a hundred templates with no charges, except 20 of the funnels are offered at the beginner pricing package. A few internally designed templates are crafted by external bodies and can be filtered by variety for industry-tailored templates.

Every funnel type has series of templates that can be customized to your want. The latter allows you to use more templates and themes placing them at the top position in this regard.


Unbounce integrates with virtually every app needed to make it operate and if it can’t connect directly, you can make use of Zapier or WebHooks.

Clickfunnels connects with the aid of API to email services and payment gateways that are safe and convenient to manage.

Clickfunnels works straight up with various systems compared to Unbounce but the latter provides a complete solution and connects with each of the big email and payment Processors. If it does not connect directly, Zapier or WebHooks can be employed.

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels Pricing

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial and its pricing starts from $80 per month, $120 per month, $200, and $300 per month. While Clickfunnels has pricing plans from $97 per month, $297 per month, and $2,497 per month. For both of these tools, the prices are a bit cheaper if you go on the annual plans.

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels: Verdict

The tools are similar, however, largely different when it comes to pricing. From our end, the differentiating factor seems to be the price aspect. Hence, we’d recommend going with Unbounce. As you can get virtually all the features you need at a much cheaper and reduced price.

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