Wish vs Temu: Is Temu the Same as Wish?

It’s no secret that e-commerce is one of the biggest success stories in the 21st century. The industry is growing so rapidly that we can barely keep up with new platforms.

While there are plenty of options, reliability is one of the most important qualities of e-commerce stores. That’s why we are looking at two of the top e-commerce stores in the world.

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What You Should Know About Temu vs Wish

Wish wasn’t always a global e-commerce platform. The platform became so much better when its founder Piotr Szulczewski introduced us to the world of e-commerce. 

The company is famous for its low prices, and wide product range such as fashion, electronics, lifestyle, and home decor.

Temu is one of the hottest names on the internet right now. The company hasn’t been around for long, but it already has a pretty good reputation if you’re looking for an incredibly affordable platform.

Products Range

Wish offers almost anything you can think of, electronics, cosmetics, clothes, mini furniture, and so much more. However, you have to be careful; customers have reported getting faulty or defective knockoffs. But other than that, you can find almost anything you want on Wish’s website.

Temu has a broad range of products and good reviews from its customers. But I still recommend you check the reviews and descriptions of the item you are buying to avoid getting disappointed.

Is Temu Cheaper than Wish?

Wish is known for being pretty cheap in all categories. But most of the items listed as being cheaper are actually cheap knockoffs of the original or what they’re supposed to be.

Sure, they serve the intended purpose of the original item, but certain functionalities will be missing when compared to the original.

Temu’s pricing isn’t cheap or expensive. It’s all about the quality of what you buy and who you buy it from. It’s hard to give a one-size-fits-all to the affordability of stores when using a vendor system.

But generally, Temu vendors are slightly less expensive than Wish.

Wish vs Temu- Customer Support

How we are treated when we patronize a particular web store is key to whether or not we will return. Wish has an AI customer support assistant, but as the complaint gets more complicated they will refer you to a human agent.

However, a response will still take anywhere from 2-4 days, which is a little frustrating as their AI might not know how to solve the problem at hand. The integration was smooth and easy to use, and as long as your issue fits into the list of problems the AI has been trained to help with, you’re good to go.

Temu also has an AI integration for customer support, but my experience with Temu’s chat support wasn’t as smooth as it was with Wish. At one point, the AI kept repeating the same answer, like it was stuck in a loop. It didn’t give me the option to talk to a human agent either, which is a bummer since AI can’t solve every problem it sees.

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Temu vs Wish: Which Is Better?

Both are great choices if they ship to your country, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re trying to decide where to shop.

Arguably, Temu provides the lowest prices you can find on an e-commerce platform. The prices are sometimes seen as incredible when compared to the product you are buying.

Also, Wish vendors are fond of misleading item descriptions. Vendors manipulate the model number, lookalike names of original knockoffs, and more.. For example, you might see an item called “S23 Ultra”, but it’s not the same as “Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra”.

Temu seems to have a pretty reasonable price range, nothing too high or too low. It’s more like paying for what you get. The vendors try to keep prices as low as possible while still keeping the quality and uniqueness of what they’re selling.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Temu is that they don’t offer a lot of shipping options. But don’t worry, they promise to get that sorted out ASAP. So Temu could be shipping to your country soon.


Wish has some of the best deals, but most of the products at ridiculously cheap prices might be poor quality. The product has the functionality that made you buy it,  but it might not have all the features of the original.

Temu, on the other hand, has a pretty good track record when it comes to quality. If you’re in one of the countries listed on Temu’s shipping list, they’re a safe bet, but they’re a bit more expensive than Wish.

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