Wix vs WordPress: Which is Best For Your Website?

Do you belong to people who often wonder about Wix vs WordPress in building a website? It is true that WordPress happens to be the most popular website building tool in the world, but it’s not the only option available.

Indeed, Wix and WordPress are both web designing tools, but both of them have various approaches to building websites. For Wix, it is a website builder, while WordPress happens to be a CMS (or Content Management System). Having a clear understanding of their differences will make you determine which of them is better for you.

Today’s article will show, highlight, and compare Wix vs WordPress with everything you need to know. We hope that after the comparison, you’ll be able to differentiate their difference and make a decision on which platform you’ll like to use for your project.

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Wix vs WordPress: Comparison.

Wix vs WordPress: Pricing and Cost

It’s very vital to consider the cost of building a website before you choose your site-building platform. Note that the total costs of maintaining and developing your website depend on what you need. 

Here’s a price comparison for Wix and WordPress: 

Pricing Comparison for Wix:

This Wix platform offers its users a basic website building tool that is for free. But there are two huge downsides to it. 

One of them is that it puts Wix branded advert on the bottom and top of the site. The next downside is you won’t be able to use a custom domain name when building your website, this means that your website address will be like username.wix.com/sitename.

Additionally, their basic plan does not provide necessary add-ons like Google Analytics, eCommerce tools, Favicons, etc. If you want to take off the ads and get more features from their apps market, then you will be required to upgrade your account to one of their premium plans.

However, each of the Wix premium plans comes with different storage and bandwidth limitations. But you can choose to pay monthly or the yearly plan.

Note that their value plans happen to be the unlimited plan which goes for $12.50 per month. 

In case you need their business and eCommerce features, it means you’ll be required to choose a Business & Ecommerce plan. The price for eCommerce and small business website plans starts from $17 per month. 

No matter the plan you choose, you will still need to pay for any app you want to use to build your website on their app market.

Pricing Comparison for WordPress:

In case you don’t know, WordPress is open-source software, which is available for free to anyone who needs it. Many people ask why WordPress should be free and wonder what the catch is?

Note that the biggest catch is that before building your website, you’ll be required to own a domain name and web hosting. 

There are a lot of WordPress hosting providers which you can choose from depending on your budget. You will be given the option of choosing your plan, you can begin with the basic plan in one of the best WordPress hosting provider (Bluehost) which cost about $2.75 per month and comes with a free custom domain name.

It is true that your cost of using a WordPress site may increase if you want to make use of premium plugins or WordPress themes.

Although we still have thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes which are made available for a low price. There’s the ability to add any feature to your WordPress website when you use a plugin without upgrading your web hosting plan.

One other good thing is that WordPress provides full support for eCommerce. All you have to have the WooCommerce plugin installed which will allow you to create an online store on your website within minutes. Note that both WordPress, and WooCommerce are free and open source. 

Their Pricing and Costs verdict:

From our comparison, WordPress beats Wix due to the flexible plans that are available from different web hosting providers. WordPress cost actually depends on how many resources you use, this means that you have the ability to use your WordPress website the way you like.

Customization and Design: How Creative Can You Get? 

Customization and Design for Wix

Indeed, Wix has plenty of freedom for beginners since they allow you to pick from a huge range of over 800 themes, which come free with your Wix plan. Note that all themes are categorized according to their industry and come with their own content which provides you with an idea of what your finished website may look like.

One good thing is that Wix’s templates are intuitive and very beautiful for your visitors to navigate. Beginners in website development will find Wix very interesting and flexible.

Top Tip: In case you are not bothered about customization and design, or you don’t just have the time, then you can also make use of Wix ADI. It is a design-assisted tool that you can use in building your site. The app will just ask you about the purpose of your site and your design preferences. 

Customization and Design for WordPress: 

When you talk of WordPress, there’s no limitation to the customization of your WordPress website. However, the huge drawback of customization is that WordPress can be more complicated than Wix. They have lots of design options. This simply means that you can:

  • Select from more than 200 WordPress designed themes
  • Select from more than 5,000 WordPress approved third party designed themes
  • Collaborate with a developer to build a completely customize theme

Top Tip: It is true that you can purchase WordPress themes via different sources, but we recommend you stick to the approved ones by WordPress themselves. Doing this will help to prevent you from buying sketchy themes developed by amateur designers. Note that WordPress has multiple premium and free themes. 

Additionally, most of WordPress’ in-house themes happen to be free, and this can be a great way of saving money for you. But in case you want to get serious about your site’s looks, then you should invest in buying a premium theme. 

Getting WordPress premium themes from a third party will cost you between $25 – $299. Though not too cheap, they’re going to be your best choice if you intend to have a website with a nice design that will be regularly updated and protected against bugs.

Design and Customization Verdict: Wix vs WordPress

You can see that WordPress has better customization and design options than Wix. This is because you have the ability to edit anything you want to the exact design in your mind which you can do without advanced coding experience. They also have lots of both free and premium themes you can choose from. Though Wix gives an impressive sort of flexibility, however, they cannot be compared to WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress: Ease of Use

A lot of website beginners choose WordPress or Wix due to the inability of hiring a website designer. This is because both WordPress and Wix allow users to create sites without knowing how to code.

Wix’s Ease of Use

They have easy-to-use and powerful tools that you can use to create your own website. They provide simple drag and drop tool that you can use to design any website which is known as the WYSIWYG interface.

For WordPress

Indeed, WordPress has an incredibly powerful block editor which allows users to edit their pages with a live preview. The editor offers you the opportunity to create stunning layouts by just putting blocks. They have blocks for different elements such as buttons, text, background images, headings, galleries, and many more. 

They also provide access to thousands of site templates that you can use on your website. The good news is that each of them can be fully customized using their live theme customizer.


I think we have a tie here because when it comes to ease of usage between WordPress and Wix, they both provide easy code-free methods for writing content, managing, and making webpages. 

Indeed, Wix does a fine job when it comes to their editing interface, however, they lack advanced capabilities. On the other hand, WordPress provides ease of usage which users improve by learning in the long run. 

Wix vs WordPress: Data Portability Options

For those who don’t know, data portability gives you the choice of moving your entire content away when the need arises. So let’s see how WordPress and Wix help in moving your entire content and use it elsewhere. 

Wix Data Portability Options:

There’s a limited choice on Wix when you talk about moving content to another platform. There’s the possibility to only export your blog posts via XML format. However, you will have to download your pages manually, and not just your pages but videos, images, and other content.

When you examine Wix documentation, you’ll notice that all your contents are hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers which cannot be exported to any platform.

Since it’s on the Wix server, it becomes difficult to move all content elsewhere, but the Wix site can still be transferred. 

WordPress Data Portability Options:

Since WordPress is a complete content management software, it is very easy to export your entire web content. WordPress has a one-click exporter tool that gives users the ability to download the entire content in XML format.

Due to its self-hosting capability, it gives you the opportunity to have complete backups of your entire website. You can manually export your WordPress database and even download your complete media files. There’s the ability to easily take your WordPress website to a new host in case you’re not satisfied with the hosting company.

Wix vs WordPress: Data Portability Options verdict: 

As you can see, WordPress is much better when you think about moving and downloading your data. But Wix doesn’t have these features which makes it difficult in moving website content.

Wix vs WordPress: Customer Support

Wix has a dedicated chat, phone, and email customer support platform which is given in all of their plans. They offer VIP support for more expensive plans.

But on the other hand, since WordPress is open source and free, they don’t have customer support. You can only get support from plugins and theme creators which you purchased.

Wix vs WordPress: Which is Better for Blog?

A lot of people are searching for an easier platform to begin their blog. Both Wix and WordPress can be utilized to build blogs. So let’s examine which one is better.

Creating Blog With Wix

Note that Wix offers you an easy way of putting a blog section on your website. They have all the basic blogging tools you will want to use. 

But the comments section on Wix blogs can be very slow and aren’t easy to manage like that of WordPress. You might end up installing comment systems such as Disqus or Facebook from third-party developers.

Wix doesn’t have some features such as creating private posts, backdating posts, and many more.

But note that the blog posts writing interface aren’t the same as the Wix website builder. This is because it makes use of a plain text editor which can be limited in terms of formatting.

Creating Blog With WordPress

WordPress began its blogging platform some years back and has evolved into a full-blown web-building platform. They currently power more than 40% of all websites.

They have all the blogging features needed to make your site stand out and comes with a native commenting system with other features which cannot be found in Wix.

One of the most vital things about WordPress is that you can extend your website with the power of plugins and put any feature you want.

Wix vs WordPress: Which is better for blog verdict:

You can see that WordPress totally outshines Wix when you talk about blogging. This is because Wix blogs are too basic, as they lack vital blog features. In case you’re thinking of starting up a blog, start with WordPress.

Final word

Though Wix can be easy to use, they’re good website building tools to help users create nice-looking websites. However, WordPress happens to be a flexible and powerful platform that offers users control over their website.

I guess this article Wix vs WordPress has been helpful to you?

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