WPS Office vs MS Office: Which Is Right for You?

WPS Office and Microsoft Office are two of the most popular and budget-friendly productivity software. They are office suites globally used by people and businesses. These software help with productivity and have secure cloud storage that allows you to store files safely and access them easily.

When selecting an office suite, there are several factors to consider, including pricing, features, customer experience, and more. The tricky part is that WPS and MS Office have similar features, making it difficult to choose between them.

In this article, we’ll compare their features, pricing, and other key factors to help you decide between the two.

WPS Office vs MS Office: Overview

About MS Office

Microsoft developed the applications and services that make up Microsoft Office, which was first introduced by Bill Gates in 1988. 

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel were included in the first version of Microsoft Office. Now, Microsoft has added other tools including a grammar checker, embedding database (OLE DB), and more. 

According to a Softpedia report from 2012, over a billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office. Also, Microsoft Office is accessible to almost everyone; it is available in mobile, web, and desktop versions. There is also a desktop version for Windows and macOS.

About WPS Office

WPS (Writers, Presentations, and Spreadsheets) is a collection of development tools that were previously known as Kingsoft Office. It supports Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Kingsoft at first went by the name KS Office to expand its market. The three main components of the WPS office suite are WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, and WPS Presentation.

WPS Office fosters the use of the cloud and provides 1 GB of free storage to help you automatically back up your work online. It works with even the earliest Windows PC versions and requires little setup, making it ideal for storing short-text documents.

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WPS Office vs. MS Office: Components

The Microsoft Office suite includes a wide range of applications, including OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other tools.

The top three applications are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneNote is a digital notebook that users can use to manage their notes. To increase productivity, OneDrive, a tool comparable to WPS Cloud for file sharing, team collaboration, and data storage, links individual email accounts with a calendar.

On the other hand, the WPS Office package includes the following programs: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, WPS PDF, and WPS Spreadsheet.

It is simple to work with word, excel, ppt, and pdf files thanks to these modules. The built-in PDF feature in WPS Office allows users to interact with PDF files in a variety of ways, including online viewing, editing, signing, and conversion.

Similarities Between WPS Office and MS Office

Below are several things WPS and Microsoft Office suites have in mind:

  • Both software have similar components, allowing you to create and modify documents, spreadsheets, and presentatons.
  • Both productivity software support different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, German, and Italian.
  • Both are accessible on the cloud, both on mobile devices and PCs. Hence, you can access your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations anywhere without installing WPS or MS Office suite on every device.
  • Both are downloadable for free. In fact, you don’t need to pay to any subscription service to access any of the software.
  • Both can be installed on computers and mobile devices: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • Microsoft and WPS Office suites supports the same file dormats, such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .ods, .odt, .xlsx, etc.

What is the Difference Between Microsoft Office and WPS Office?

As opposed to Microsoft Office, or MS Office, Kingsoft’s WPS Office was originally made accessible in 1990 for the Mac and 1992 for Windows. Microsoft first introduced MS Office in 1988.

The latest versions of WPS Office, which work with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, were made accessible in 2015. The most recent versions of Microsoft Office, Model 16.0 for Windows and Model 15.4.0 for Mac, support both Windows and macOS.

While WPS Office uses WPS Writer and WPS Presentation for its word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation needs, Microsoft Office makes use of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

The WPS Office includes tools for creating presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents. They remarkably resemble the Microsoft Office software family, and WPS offers cloud connectivity just like One Drive.

The main difference between WPS Office and Microsoft Office is that the former is used by people more frequently while the latter has fewer features and programs.

WPS Office vs MS Office Users

WPS and Microsoft Office suites have the same group of users. These include private individuals, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit and NGOs, freelancers, self-employed persons, researchers, and data analysts.

However, their user base are majorly people and their businesses.


The WPS and Microsoft Office software are both popular on mobile devices and PCs. However, WPS Office has more mobile users than MS Office.

On the other hand, most MS Office users run the software on their computers.

Market Share

With 20.80%, Microsoft Word has a larger market share in the productivity software industry, unlike WPS Office, whose market share is 0.02%.

MS Word is widely used compared to any other office suite software, including WPS. Its user base is extensive, majority of which installed the desktop version: Microsoft Word 2016, 2019, and Microsoft 365.

As of 2022, more than 1.2 billion people installed WPS Office on their smartphones, tablets, and computers (Windows and Mac). On the contrary, Microsoft Office suite has over 1.4 billion users globally, comprising of both individuals and businesses.

User Interface- WPS Office vs Microsoft Office

In terms of presentation and layout, the user interfaces of Microsoft Office and WPS are quite similar. Both have simple user interfaces with drop-down menus and bows that hide additional features.

WPS Office can be fully installed and used offline on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. However, if you want to sync your work, you can sign in to the WPS Cloud. Other tools available in the web version include additional PDF files, photo-scanning software, and text-translation capabilities.

On both Android and iOS, you can install the entire Microsoft Office suite or just specific applications like Word or Excel. While on desktop, it comes as a package.

Furthermore, while using the Office app, you have full access to all of Microsoft’s development tools, OneDrive storage, and other features such as the ability to share documents with nearby devices.

OS Support

It is important to be aware of the devices that the software supports before choosing an office suite. Unless you want to replace all of your devices, your best bet is to buy software that is compatible with what you already have.

WPS Office works with Linux as well as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Although Microsoft Office’s web version can be used on Linux, WPS Office provides a ready-to-use Linux version.

Additional Features: WPS Office vs MS Office

For the past two decades, Microsoft has been the industry leader in software platforms. In terms of software support features, it offers more variety than WPS.

Adobe Integration

As a result of Adobe’s recent agreement with Microsoft, you can now read and sign PDF documents and convert several Microsoft file types, such as DOCX, XLS, or PPT, into PDF documents.


Microsoft Office provides a large number of professionally designed, pre-made templates for its products. Some are free, while others are not. 

They range from simple presentation templates to sophisticated resume formats and more. You can also design templates from scratch in Microsoft Word.

Like Microsoft, WPS Office offers a wide variety of layouts for its productivity apps. It also provides casual designs for private matters like letters and party invitations.

The fundamental problem with most themes is that they are unnecessary features, which is a fundamental fault.

Free Cloud Storage

When you sign up for a free Microsoft account, you get 5GB of OneDrive online storage for backup and synchronization. The advantage of using OneDrive is that it syncs and securely backups all of your files in real-time.

Despite not being as comprehensive as Microsoft and not offering a wide range of other services and programs, WPS has certain unique supplementary characteristics that set it apart from other software platforms.

When you create an account with WPS, you will get a free 1GB cloud storage space for your files, documents, images, synced social media accounts, emails, and others.

Teams feature

Microsoft Office and WPS both have Teams features that enable team members to improve workplace collaboration and productivity. However, the WPS teams feature isn’t as comprehensive as Microsoft office.

Despite not being a full team suite, WPS allows teams to easily share data and submit assignments remotely.

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Conclusion: WPS Office vs MS Office

WPS Office and Microsoft Office have similar tools, but the WPS Office subscription is less expensive than MS Office. However, MS Office tools are more comprehensive than WPS Office.

So, if you run a small to medium-sized business, the WPS office is the most cost-effective solution. However, if you need a platform that can handle all of your office suite requirements, Microsoft Office is a better option.

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