Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Which Helpdesk Tool is Better?

Zendesk and Freshdesk handle customer support and engagement with such finesse that you will never have to worry about customer retention.

They are not only helpful in handling tickets and communicating with customers that need help. You can also use them to automate messages, onboard employees, give product tours, demos, and anything else you need for customer acquisition and retention.

It is difficult to choose between these two because they are both great at helping you resolve customer issues through effective communication. So, we will compare their features to determine the best helpdesk tool for you.

Overview Zendesk vs Freshdesk Features

Zendesk is a top-tier customer service solution. It assists you in managing customer support issues by providing advanced ticket management systems and an automated helpdesk. There’s also Zendesk for sales, which can help your sales team land new clients and track their conversion journey. It also has plans for everyone, from small to mid-size to enterprise, and they are pretty affordable.

Freshdesk is a powerful tool that handles customer self-service, seamless employee communication with field service management, and a ticketing system for customer support issues.

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Simplicity: Zendesk vs Freshdesk

Zendesk is an all-in-one customer support tool; anything Zendesk does not provide natively for your customer support, you can integrate it. In addition, you can customize Zendesk by modifying the theme and dashboard. The downside of the robust dashboard Zendesk offer is that, while you have everything at your fingertips, it overcomplicates things because everything is right in front of your face.

Freshdesk’s user interface, on the other hand, isn’t as feature-rich as Zendesk’s, but it still has everything you need.

It’s straightforward, and you don’t have to look for any features; they’re right where you need them.

Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Ticket Management

Freshdesk isn’t fit to compete with Zendesk; its ticket management system has more advanced features when it comes to ticket management.

Zendesk doesn’t just manage tickets; it also has a meticulous issue tracking system with detailed reports that allows support staff to handle issues without going down a rabbit hole to find the root of the problems, especially when a customer has multiple tickets.

It categorizes issues in a treemap format, assisting customer service representatives in understanding the root cause of customer problems and resolving everything without missing anything. This feature is more beneficial for large companies with large teams that offer a variety of products.

Freshdesk ticket management system isn’t as thorough as Zendesk, but it’s pretty sufficient. It categorizes issues based on their priority level. It also assists you in noting issues that require follow-up with the customer to ensure the issue has been completely resolved.

Although Freshdesk has an excellent feature that helps agents calm customers before their issues are looked into, it’s called a canned response. It responds with a standard message informing the customer that their query has been received. As a result, you might want to tweak your standard response not to feel too robotic.

Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Plans and Pricing

Zendesk has a plan for you regardless of your company’s size or industry. Its plans range from support to Suite. You can use it as a helpdesk tool or full-fledged client relationship management software. The suite plans include advanced features like marketing automation and omnichannel support.

You can access any plan on Zendesk for a trial period of 30 days. 

The Suite Plan ranges from $49 to $99/per agent every month when billed annually, while the foundational support range from $19 to $99.

Freshdesk edges out Zendesk by providing a free plan, and the best part? It is a free plan that you can use for as long as you want. You can also try any paid plan for a 21-day trial period. 

It offers three support plans and three CRM plans (omnichannel plans). The support plans, like Zendesk, are focused on resolving tickets, whereas the Omnichannel plans provide support and personalized communication for customer engagement and lead generation.

Freshdesk support plans aren’t as extensive as Zendesk’s, but they’re adequate for satisfying your customers, which is why you’re using a helpdesk tool in the first place.

Self-service and Knowledge Base

Both tools help your customers in resolving issues through self-service. For example, you can create a user-friendly knowledge base that answers customers’ support queries without contacting your support staff.

Freshdesk’s most basic plan offers this, and it’s free. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Zendesk’s most basic plan, and please keep in mind that Zendesk does not offer a free plan.

Team Collaboration

It’s simply easier for your team to collaborate with the same software to resolve issues. Both Freshdesk and Zendesk have built-in team collaboration features. For example, you can use the team inbox feature on any of this software to escalate tickets to the right person.

Even if an issue was being handled by other support staff, another person can easily pick it up and resolve it because there is a detailed history for anyone on the team to see and get a complete picture of customers’ queries.


You don’t need to be all over the place because you run a business; do it all from a single platform with any of Zendesk or Freshdesk. Both of them provide a platform service that allows you to have all of the tools you need to run your organization smoothly in one place;

Although Zendesk has more integrations, its platform service is more robust than Freshdesk.

Bottom Line: Zendeskr Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a more affordable and user-friendly helpdesk tool. It covers everything you need without overcomplicating things.

Zendesk has an unrivaled ticket management system and a detailed reporting system for tracking issues. It also integrates seamlessly with any other tools your organization may require for collaboration, project management, etc.

So, if you’re a small to medium-sized business, Freshdesk is the way to go; it’s simple to use for your customer support staff and will save you money. However, if you’re an enterprise, Zendesk features are better suited to you; it has full-fledged tools to help narrow down issues and get them through the right channel no matter how large your organization is.

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