Zendesk vs Salesforce features and pricing reviews 2022

Zendesk vs Salesforce Features and Pricing Review

Let’s take a deep dive into Zendesk vs Salesforce features and pricing.

What’s the real difference between these two popular customer support software? You can’t know till you compare their plans and features side by side.

Customer support is one of the key factors that can facilitate the success rate of any business or organization. It offers assistance to customers via planning, installation, troubleshooting, training, maintenance, and more.

Zendesk vs Salesforce Features: What’s the Difference?

Zendesk is a powerful and flexible customer relationship management software built to improve customer relationships. It’s also was scaled up to grow and help businesses transition smoothly.

It comes with unique customer support tools like social media messaging, live chats, and so on. It also comes with a wide range of products such as Zendesk Support, Zendesk Guide, Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk, and Zendesk Suite.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that helps organizations get a full view of their potential and loyal customers. It helps organizations build successful marketing strategies on this data.

You can use Salesforce for contact management, reporting process automation, etc. It also has its unique products: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, etc.

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User Interface

Zendesk has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, even for inexperienced users, navigating the platform is simple. However, Zendesk isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Zendesk is suitable for large organizations with a high volume of support tickets but little or no room for customization.

Salesforce doesn’t care much about aesthetics, either, but users can customize its look and feel.

Although Salesforce UI might not be very fancy, agents can easily open support tickets on multiple tabs and obtain all the notable customer details without stress.

User Categories

Zendesk is a scalable tool for businesses with high ticket volumes. To facilitate customers’ and employees’ experiences, Zendesk delivers a variety of integration options. Hence, it is highly recommended for medium-sized businesses and large organizations.  It serves big companies like Shopify, Mailchimp, Trello, etc.

Similarly, Salesforce is also designed for medium and large businesses to centralize customer profiles and interactions. It allows users to connect Service Cloud with Marketing software and Salesforce sales.

You can also automatically assign tasks to field agents with Salesforce.

Knowledge Base and Guides

Zendesk is well known for its vast and consistently updated knowledge base that helps users to resolve support issues without needing to speak to a live agent. Information has never been obtained sooner as this platform offers users the keyword capabilities to obtain information faster.

Salesforce has a knowledge base that is quite effective in solving issues or answering questions of both customers and internal employees via the use of articles. In other words, guest users will have access to read articles that contain vital information. However, the Salesforce knowledge base is not as stunning as that of Zendesk.

Pricing: Cost vs Value

Zendesk vs Salesforce Pricing is a major deciding factor for most businesses.

Zendesk vs Salesforce Pricing
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Zendesk Billing Approach

At Zendesk, irrespective of the plan you choose, you will be billed per agent/per month. In other words, if your team comprises 10 members, you will pay €890 per month.

There is a big pricing difference between Professional and Enterprise. For Enterprise, you will get value for more such as 24/7 support, the capability to brand chat widget, and also give users roles and permissions while for the Professional it has limited features. The good news associated with this is that recently, Zendesk placed a 30% discount on all their software solutions.

Zendesk plans are a little bit on the high side. It has 3 different plans, Support Plan, Support Suite, and Custom-built.

Support plan

The essence of this plan is to track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets. The option on this plan is quite limited, particularly for smaller businesses. This plan does not come with live chat, social messenger, and more.

Support Suite

This plan houses full-service experiences on any platform. In other words, it entails everything in support. However, it is still not enough for several modern-day businesses.


This plan is a personalized approach to omnichannel support for businesses.

Each of these solutions comes with its pricing plan, however, you can get to enjoy a free trial for a few days before you start to pay.

Salesforce has 4 pricing plans:

  • Essentials: $25
  • Professional: $75
  • Enterprise: $150
  • Unlimited: $300

Similar to Zendesk, each of the Salesforce plans is also billed per user per month but Salesforce plans are quite cheaper than Zendesk.

Ticket Management

In terms of ticket management, Zendesk is rated top-notch because it allows easy integration into other solution software.

While Salesforce is quite limited because it does not integrate easily with other platforms. However, it still does a great job in terms of managing tickets.

Reporting And Analytics

Zendesk offers in-depth reporting features and also permits users to schedule and share reports with teammates and stakeholders. However, users still won’t be able to customize it.

While Salesforce not only permits users to customize but also offers them effective reporting solutions out-of-the-box.

Live Chat And Support: Zendesk Vs Salesforce Features

It’s quite difficult to choose between both CRMs as they both have great live chat tools and support. It’s a tie between these two in this category.

Unique Features


  • Support:  It is a helpdesk feature where users can set up their email and also add agents to the tool.
  • Guide: It is a help center tool that helps users to brand their company logo and colors. It also offers an answer box and the easy adding of articles in a clean text editor.
  • Chat Tool: This tool houses customer contacts and makes it easy for agents to quickly respond to their customers.
  • Talk Tool: It’s a call tool that enhances calls between an agent and a customer.

Other features include:

  • Advanced collision detection
  • Real-time dashboards.
  • Benchmarking 


Salesforce offers users service cloud features that require no tickets but only cases.  They can connect the service cloud data to their other products, marketing, and sales. Hence, it gives users a broader perspective of their customer’s entire journey. 

Is Zendesk The Right Choice?

Zendesk was designed ideally to meet the needs of large businesses that deal with large volumes of customer support issues. Hence, it is quite flexible to use because it offers users powerful real-time reporting and analytical tools. This is probably one of the reasons why big brands make use of Zendesk.

Is Salesforce The Right Choice?

Salesforce is the right choice for you if you want to get a 360-degree profile on your customer as you can easily connect with Salesforce’s sales and marketing software. 

Zendesk Vs Salesforce Features: Who Won?

Zendesk is a simple customer support tool that comes with an intuitive experience for users. While Salesforce Service Cloud can integrate with its sales and marketing software solutions which can provide you with a lot of valuable information on your customer.

Zendesk is quite easier to set up and more user-friendly compared to Salesforce.

Although Salesforce is quite affordable compared to Zendesk, Zendesk is way more suitable for customer service and support than Salesforce.

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