Zendesk vs Servicenow Solutions: Which Should I Choose?

Zendesk vs Servicenow Solutions: Which Should I Choose?

Zendesk vs ServiceNow are customer and employee experience solutions. They help you provide a great customer and employee experience without overwhelming you with technical details. 

If you’re trying to decide which software to use as an all-in-one tool to build trust between your company and its customers while also facilitating seamless employee collaboration, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll help you decide by comparing their products.

Zendesk vs ServiceNow Solutions: Overview

Zendesk is a well-known helpdesk and customer relationship management software. It’s a highly flexible and customizable helpdesk platform; you can pretty much make the platform your own.

On the other hand, ServiceNow has always been a customer and employee experience software that automates workflows and integrates all business processes.

What Can I Do With ServiceNow?

You can answer customer requests, create self-service for employees and customers, and so much more!

Source: ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s main objective is to relieve you of the burden of workflow management by automating nearly everything. Its main features to help you do these are workflows; Employees, Customers, developers, etc. ServiceNow has an automated workflow for everyone.

ServiceNow has four primary workflows: Employees, IT, Creator, and customer.

Employees Workflow

This workflow automates everything related to your employees’ workspace; legal, HR, procurement, project management, and collaboration.

IT Workflow 

ServiceNow is well-known for covering everything you need to have a successful IT department without breaking your employees’ backs by attempting to solve all issues at once. Instead, it helps you identify and resolve issues at their root, as well as prevents them from recurring using Machine Learning.

It also optimizes IT service management by providing high-quality services such as incident management. In addition, it also covers other aspects such as change management, problem management, predictive management, etc.

IT Operation management 

ServiceNow provides powerful AI insights to predict issues and streamline resolutions. It also helps you predict user behavior to use the information gathered to provide better services and faster solutions. Faster resolution equals higher customer satisfaction, which is why people use your services for higher sales.

Customer Workflow

It is not just a helpdesk software for resolving customer tickets; it also gives AI recommendations to help predict future issues and provide fast solutions. You don’t have to worry about being perceived as robotic with ServiceNow; your responses are always thoughtful and personalized.

What Can I Do With Zendesk?

You can pretty much do everything with Zendesk: resolve customer issues, manage client relationships, employee collaboration, integration with other apps, and more. 

It has four products to help you provide the best services: Zendesk Sell, Zendesk for Service, Sunshine Platform, and Marketplace (integrations and apps).

Zendesk Sell

It’s a great CRM tool that helps your sales team achieve high conversions by providing seamless collaboration, data analytics, and effective task management.

Source: Zendesk

Zendesk Service

This product is the primary reason Zendesk is known as the “Champions of Customer Service”; it contains everything you need to provide excellent customer support.

It offers omnichannel communication (live chat, email, social media, or voice), a help center with intelligently categorized self-help articles and documents to help your customers resolve their issues themselves. 

You can also use it to provide helpful automated responses to customer requests via bots; Zendesk’s live chatbot is AI-powered, so you don’t have to worry about your answers sounding robotic.

Zendesk vs Servicenow Products: Similarities

Helpdesk tools

Both ServiceNow and Zendesk offer excellent helpdesk services. They use very similar tools to do it, such as omnichannel communication, self-service for customers, automated responses to customer requests, and a ticketing system that allows you to keep track of issues so your customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Employee collaboration

Both Zendesk and ServiceNow are front runners when it comes to workspace collaboration. They provide your team with everything they need to reduce manual labor in their tasks, including project management, task assignment, ticket management, out-of-office assistance, and data-driven insights to effectively narrow issues and find solutions quickly.

All-in-one Platform Solution

With either ServiceNow or Zendesk Platform, your employees can collaborate across all teams, engage customers with great email series, and build mobile apps with a low code builder from a single platform.

They also personalize search results for customers, automate responses and conveniently provide customizable AI support from one location; their platform.

Zendesk vs ServiceNow Solutions Differences

Plans and Pricing

ServiceNow is built for enterprises, while Zendesk is for all business sizes. Zendesk also has plans for small businesses and even start-ups.

ServiceNow costs a minimum of $30,000 per year, whereas Zendesk enterprise starts at $49 per agent per month. Of course, you’d have to pay through the nose for the ServiceNow standard ITSM package, but their workflow management and automation are excellent, so you’d be getting good value.

Both Zendesk and ServiceNow offer a free trial of their platforms, but ServiceNow offers free access to their free version indefinitely. It has limited features, as with any free version, but you can do essential field service management and customer service with it, so it’s not a bad solution if you’re just starting.

Find Out More About Zendesk’s Pricing: Zendesk vs intercom Features And Pricing

Ease of Navigation

Zendesk is a user-intuitive software; you don’t have to undergo a rigorous onboarding process to understand how it works. 

ServiceNow tries its best to uncomplicate processes, but the website has a lot of information that will overwhelm almost anyone. Although there is a product guide and a demo to help you get started, it would be better if it was a little more user-friendly.

Target Costumers

ServiceNow’s target customers are enterprises, primarily Saas. However, Zendesk is for everyone as long you’re trying to create a premium customer experience and relationships.

ServiceNow takes great care in IT service management; it works meticulously to simplify IT workflows and provide the best creator experience possible. Many SaaS companies prefer ServiceNow because of its smart data management and great AI insights for incident management and problem prediction.

Although there is a Zendesk for Developers, it is not a solid competitor for ServiceNow. However, you can use it to build applications with AI insights to complicate your building process.

Bottom line: Zendesk or ServiceNow Products?

Choose ServiceNow if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to manage workflows and provide a great customer experience as a large organization. It has everything you’re looking for, but it has a downside; t’s quite expensive and not so user-intuitive.

For small businesses and start-ups, Zendesk is an excellent alternative to ServiceNow. It has plans that provide everything you need to grow your customer base without burdening your employees with unnecessary manual tasks.

Zendesk is also less expensive and easier to use than ServiceNow; if your organization isn’t too tech-inclined, Zendesk is more than enough to handle customer service and workflow automation.

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