Zoom vs Google Meet: Which Video Conferencing Tool is Best?

Zoom vs Google Meet: Which Video Conferencing Tool is Best?
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I understand that you might be confused about Google Meet vs Zoom, as both of them might seem almost the same. The truth is that both of them make video conferencing very easy, but there are lots of different features they offer to users. These features are what you need to understand before choosing the right one for your business.

Indeed, both services offer you the opportunity to make large-scale video conferencing calls with more than 100 participants, which they have in common.

Note that Google Meet is becoming a very popular video conferencing call solution, as they’re adding about 30 lakh users every day. This platform, which was earlier known as Google Hangouts, is well known amongst large-scale businesses, established schools, and religious organizations. 

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, which has made many people start working from their homes, the Google Meet solution has become a household name. But Google announced their intention of making Meet free for everyone recently. If this is done, it will be a move to make things difficult for Zoom, which happens to be an app that has attracted many users.

In case you don’t know, many features make Google Meet a great competitor over Zoom. But apart from its distinct offers, users can still notice some similarities between Zoom and Google Meet.

Though Google Meet might lack some of the advanced features that Zoom provides, it provides a quick and easy video-calling service provided on the web. This means that you are not required to download or install an app before using it.

If you desire a simple, private meeting method with ten people or six colleagues, use Google Meet. But if you intend to have more than such numbers, then you need to go for Zoom. Let’s do a deep dive into both tools and see which is best for you or your organization.

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Zoom vs Google Meet: The Ultimate Comparison

  • Zoom Is Best for Large Scale Meetings

As you already, there is a reason why Zoom is very. Many people use the term “Google it” when they mean to say “search it,” this is how people are saying “Let’s Zoom” when they want to have online meetings and calls. 

It’s no surprise that Zoom has played a very big role via our business and private lives within the coronavirus outbreak.

By summarizing it, Zoom is an enterprise-grade calling and video conferencing service with lots of features with a free plan. Their free plan allows you to call up to 100 participants and uses many other features, but this will limit their meeting time to 40 minutes.

With Zoom’s free plan, there’s the ability to record a call, chat, mute participants, share documents or your screen, use a whiteboard, make HD video calls, send emojis, and many more.

However, Zoom’s Pro plan will cost you about $15 per month for one host, and this will offer you an increased meeting time of about 24 hours and give you advanced meeting-control features.

Note that both zoom and Google Meet works on the web. This means that anyone with a link has the possibility of joining through a web browser, whether or not they install the app.

Note that zoom is very safe to use, and it can handle about 100 participants via HD call for multiple hours. One other benefit of using Zoom is its feature because it has lots and lots of them.

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: The availability

Note that since video conferences services are no longer for just desktops and laptops, both Zoom and Google Meet are available for mobile devices that use iOS and Android. You can access Google Meet via Chrome and other modern web browsers which don’t need additional plugins. 

All you have to do is to visit www.meet.google.com to host your meeting. Additionally, you can participate in a scheduled meeting by you visiting through the link on your browser. But this is not the case with Zoom since it does not offer you to host any meeting via a browser. However, there’s the ability to join a meeting through a browser. They also have plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which users can use in scheduling meetings anytime.

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: The Meeting Time, Participants limit

Indeed, Google Meet has made it known that it will be for free. Even at that, Zoom also has a free version. However, just like every other freemium offer, note that the free versions for both services have some limitations. 

Note that Google Meet will give you the ability to hold meetings with a limit of about 60 minutes for free users. This means that you won’t be able to hold a virtual meeting for over 60 minutes once you’re using their free version. But Zoom offers you a 40 minutes limit via group meetings which is found on their free option.

But when you talk about participant limitation, both Zoom and Google Meet allow you to host up to 100 participants when having virtual meetings.

  • Zoom vs Google Meet Features

The truth is that if I decide to list out all the features which Zoom has and Google Meet doesn’t have, both big and small; you will immediately run over to zoom’s 40-minute time limit. But let’s list some of the vital ones below:

  • Their recording: Users can record every meeting via their computer. But in case you have a paid plan, then you have the opportunity to record them via the cloud. But on Google Meet, it is only G Suite subscribers that can record meetings.
  • The virtual backgrounds: When you need background, Zoom has them all, whether you want blurred, video backgrounds, or still photos. However, Google Meet has only virtual backgrounds.
  • A waiting room: With this feature, you will find list of participants who are waiting to join the Zoom conference call. Users have the ability to add participant they want or kick them out of the meeting without disconnecting them.
  • A whiteboard: Here’s one of the built-in feature on Zoom. But on Google Meet, users would have to use something such as Google Jamboard.
  • Gallery View: Users have the opportunity to view up to 49 participants on Zoom. But on Google Meet, they’ll only show you 16 participants in their Tiled view.
  • Interaction: Currently, Zoom has raise hand and an emoji response features which you cannot find on Google Meet.

Features are very vital when it comes to choosing the right video-calling software. 

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their Security

When you talk about security, it is one of the main features that makes Google Meet much different from Zoom. Though zoom lately has been in the security limelight, they recently released the Zoom 5.0, which helps address some of these security challenges. 

Due to security, Google Meet has multiple 2-step verification choices for its users. They also come out with a unique encryption key that only exists as long as the meeting is running and transmitted via an encrypted and secured remote procedure call once such a meeting is set up. 

But Zoom uses the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, which can be enabled in all users’ accounts. 

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their Interface

Indeed, Zoom happens to be very popular for its Gallery view that displays up to about 49 participants on a single screen. But Google Meet only recently copied zoom’s kind of interface by enabling an expanded tiled, which shows up to 16 participants at a time. 

They recently also added a very minimized light mode, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to adjust video via lighting conditions. This feature, however, was originally limited to just mobile users.

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their screen sharing

Note that both zoom and Google Meet offer users the ability to share their screen with participants of your virtual meeting. Users can enable real-time captions to understand whatever the meeting participants say during the call.

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their recording

When you talk of recordings, Zoom allows its users to record their meetings in M4A (audio) and MP4 (video) formats stored locally on the user’s system. But Google Meet doesn’t offer such recording of virtual meetings to their free users. 

In case you need simplicity, then pick Google meet

You also understand that features aren’t everything. Though for some, Zoom’s 40-minute call limit may be too restrictive for them. But Google Meet’s 60-minute time limit is okay for them since lots of meetings, events, or classes last about that long.

I understand that you may not want to spend $15 per month for a Zoom Pro account.

So in case, you’re searching for a simple service that will allow you to host a video meeting quickly with friends and colleagues and allow you to share your screen, then move on to Google Meet free plan.

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their file sharing

Whenever you schedule a conference call via Google Meet, there is the possibility of putting all sorts of files before starting the call. What this means is that every participant at such meeting will receive immediate access to those files. 

In addition, users can share presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and many more while on the call.

In the case of zoom, the file transfer allows you to send files to every participant while on the webinar or meeting via chat. 

  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Other features 

Whenever you talk about general features, Google Meet and Zoom platforms provide similar basic features, like the presentation modes for screen sharing, call encryption, and the support for up to 720p HD video.

However, Google Meet has improved in the last few months, and they have included some great features which were only found on Zoom. They now have breakout rooms, background filters, polls, whiteboards, and a tiled gallery layout for larger calls. 

One other interesting thing found in Google Meet happens to be the direct transcription part that can be used as soon as the speaker starts talking. But this feature is still under development stage. 

However, zoom allows you to view diagnostic info while in a meeting, determining if the problem you’re facing is caused by network failure, video, or audio. With this, you can solve any problem, instead of going to the IT administrators for help.

You’re required to use these features to have a Zoom Desktop client that can be downloaded as an application used to participate in Zoom calls.

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  • Google Meet vs Zoom: Their Prices

Note that both Zoom and Google Meet have similar plans, but the truth is that Zoom is a bit higher in price. 

The Google Meet has three plans.

Plan one happens to be free and comes with calls of up to an hour and a maximum of 100 participants.

Their paid plan is $8 monthly per active user, allowing users to include 150 participants while on calls that could last up to 24 hours.

Their last plan has custom pricing, and to use this plan, you’re required to contact their sales team. This plan gives you the ability to put 250 people on your calls.

Zoom plans

However, Zoom provides users with various plans, starting with the Basic, which allows users to host meetings of up to 100 participants for 40 minutes.

Their Pro plan is about $149.90 per year, which is good for small teams. This plan has the same features as the Basic plan. However, they will provide you with 30 hours of social streaming and about 1GB of cloud recording.

Their Business plan goes for $199.90 per year, and also, their United Business goes for $350 per year.


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Just like I mentioned, both Zoom and Google Meet have their advantages and disadvantages. But it will be good to try them and see which one will be better for you.

As you can see on this write-up, Zoom happens to be more comprehensive, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for you. As I said, try them and see which one will be better for you.

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